Naturally Awesome Dishes For Kids

This amazing line of dishes looks and feels just like plastic, but it is actually totally different. They are safer for people, and much better for the environment than traditional petroleum based plastics.¬† They were given the name Little Husks because¬† they are made out of rice husks. What is a rice husk? you might ask. Well… That is the part of the rice left over after it has been harvested. It is not the part we eat, but the portion that is usually burned in a huge pile in order to get rid of it. The Little Husks Tableware line utilizes this food byproduct by turning it into incredibly functional dishes for kids. The Little Husks line ends up being incredibly durable, but totally biodegradable at the same time.

You get all of the benefits of plastic without the drawbacks. These dishes are very durable and resistant to breaking. They are also totally dishwasher safe and microwavable. They are actually more heat resistant than most regular plastic dishes for kids. They are tested safe, and contain no toxic chemicals. Guaranteed to be BPA free, PVC free and Phthalate free. They have a nice natural brown color that lets you know that they haven’t been dyed, painted or altered in any way. This feature also helps to keep kids attention focused on the task at hand; eating. The Little Husks dishes will last for years, but when thrown away or introduced to the right environment, they become 100% biodegradable. That’s right. They will totally break down to leave nothing when you finally discard them.

We carry a full line of these dishes at There is a dinner plate, a pasta plate, a soup bowl, utensils and a cup. Basically every type of dish you need to feed your child. At an incredibly affordable price tag, these dishes are a great alternative to plastic, and far more practical than traditional alternatives like wood, metal and ceramic. Discover an eco friendly way to feed your children. Stop worrying about dangerous chemicals or feeding kids on tableware that is hard to care for. The Little Husks line is incredibly practical, totally safe, and very easy on the earth.

Dinner Plate

Spaghetti Plate

Drinking Cup

Spoon & Fork

Soup Bowl

Tableware Set



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  1. I have 3 kids and they are forever dropping my cups and plates. These look perfect and they are good for the planet. Do they come in different colors?

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  2. They only come in the one color, but that is because they are free from dyes, paints or distractions. Just a simple natural color for a healthy and durable eating surface.

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  3. Neat dishes.. is there anything similar in safety level in adult/everyday dishes? These are great for my little guy, now I need something for my husband! :)

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    • Good news! We will actually be adding a line of adult dishes from the same manufacturer. Check back with us in a few months time and they should be available for purchase.

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