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Natural, organic products launch into baby care space

When it comes to baby care, it is no secret that moms are drawn to products that they feel are safe and gentle enough for their little ones. This has given way to new niche brands that largely compete in the natural, organic and hypoallergenic product space, but also has prompted larger players to launch products mom can feel good about.

“The population of children in the United States, parental concern for healthy hygiene practices, fear of excessive sun exposure and the quest for convenience and fun when brushing teeth, bathing and shampooing are the primary drivers of the market,” stated a recent Mintel International Group report on the U.S. children’s personal care market.

One such example is Kimberly-Clark, which earlier this year introduced several new and improved baby and toddler hygiene products under its Huggies brand.

The new lineup includes an expansion of the Huggies bath and body toiletries line with a fresh scent infused with cucumber and green tea ingredients. The new naturally refreshing scent is available across the full line of Huggies baby wipes and toiletry products, including baby wash, shampoo, lotion and washcloths.

The company also has improved the Huggies Supreme baby wipes to offer mothers a better cleaning product with washcloth-like performance. According to the manufacturer, Huggies Supreme baby wipes are the thickest baby wipes currently on the market–50 percent thicker than branded competitive baby wipes and 30 percent thicker than current Huggies Natural Care baby wipes.

To help little ones stay safe in the sun, KimberlyClark recently launched nationwide its Huggies Little Swimmers self-adhesive, water-resistant UVB sun sensors.

The sun sensors are part of the first extension of the Huggies Little Swimmers brand, which created the disposable swimpants category in 1998.

The patented UVB sun sensors, which are offered through an exclusive partnership with SunHealth Solutions, are placed on a child’s skin or clothing and change color when it is time to take protective action, such as applying more sunscreen.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s, a leader in baby care that is known for its No More Tears formula, has developed solutions for fine/normal and wavy/curly hair types with its new 2-in-1 shampoos. Both the Johnson’s Detangling Shampoo and Johnson’s Extra Conditioning Shampoo are built on the heritage of the No More Tears formulas. The products also have a baby-fresh scent.

Given that oral hygiene is a major portion of the children’s personal care products segment, DR Products, which was founded by pediatrician Dr. Ray Wagner, has developed disposable tooth and gum-cleaning towelettes, called Spiffies, for infants and toddlers.

Spiffies contain xylitol, a natural ingredient that has been proven to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Parents can clean childrens’ teeth by wrapping the wipes, available in baby grape, baby apple and mango flavors, around their finger and rubbing it over teeth and gums.

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