Natural Air Purification

A mist fountain is possibly the best way to purify the air in your home or office. These decorative accents are great to look at, but they also have many health benefits as well. Put one in your home to naturally remove the air of pollutants, using the negative ions generated. Add just a few drops of fragrance oil to scent the air too. No more burning candles and emitting smoke into the air. A mist fountain gives you a clean and natural way to put fragrance in the air and eliminate contaminates. Plus they look great. LED lights and innovative design make these decorative fountains extremely popular.

How does the misting fountain lamp purify the air?
The cloud of mist that is generated is negatively ionized water. It is made up of negatively charged particles that react with contaminates in the air. All of the bad stuff in your air is positively charged. This includes allergens, dust, dander, pollen, smoke, odors, etc. The mist particles (negative ions) adhere to the pollutants (positive ions) and remove them from the air. This prevents you from inhaling them, and they become heavier than the air, and fall to the ground where you can vacuum them up. Contrary to what you may think, negative ions are actually the good ones. They can alter your well-being, just like the mist created at a waterfall, the waves crashing at the beach, rainfall and even your own shower.

By using your misting lamp as an aromatherapy diffuser you also eliminate burning candles, which give off pollutants they contain from burning petroleum-based paraffin wax. You need only a tiny amount of oil to add fragrance to the room using a mist fountain. Add the fragrance oils directly to the water, but not directly on top of the mister. The aroma therapy oil will disperse immediately and within seconds the fragrance will be noticeable. The mist is an excellent carrier for the fragrance, and a little bit goes a long way. Discover a cleaner and more natural way to scent the air in your home or office. A mist fountain is quicker, safer and cleaner than candles or inscence. NOTE: Use only the lighter aromatherapy fragrance oils, not the heavier “essential” aromatherapy oils, which are too heavy to disperse. Our misting units are oil resistant, but you might need to clean the disk more often if you are using oils.

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