So Much Lint, So Little Time

deluxe lint brushLint: That fuzzy annoyance that mixes with pet hair and other debris to produce an unsightly layer that covers the clothing and furniture you are most interested in wearing or using.

Doesn’t it seem like every time you pull out a suit jacket, shirt or dress to wear last minute, it is completely covered with lint, pet hair or both? How about when company is set to come over? You can almost guarantee that the guest bed, couch and every other favorite feline napping spot is sure to be coated too.

Fluffy fuzzy things are a problem that we all have to deal with at some point, and if you’re a pet owner, the sorry situation is only compounded thanks to Fido’s never ending pile of shedding fur. None of us have time to deal with these unexpected messes, and because they’re so common, it seems like there are millions of tools and techniques recommended to clean them. It’s pretty difficult to be fully prepared, and prevent every one of these last minute disasters, so speed is important when deciding exactly how you will approach the task.

No one wants to walk out the door with lint all over their clothes, and few people would feel good about their guests sitting on a couch covered in pet hair, so the best tools and techniques to tackle these kinds of jobs will be both highly effective, and fast at the same time. This way, you can ensure a clean surface without being late for work, or letting the in-laws catch you still cleaning when they walk in.

You could pull out your heavy vacuum to suck up all the debris, but lint and pet hair messes are usually in a single location that’s pretty small. Vacuums are great for large areas of flooring, or other elevated areas when attachments are used, but other tools will always be faster, easier-to-use and more effective for removing lint and hair from shirts, blankets, furniture and other common areas where you find it.

OK. So What Tool Works Best?

Glad you asked. We actually have several tools that are outstanding for cleaning upholstery, clothing, and furniture, and every one recommended below will offer high efficiency at a fast speed. Check out the short list that follows to discover some of the best tools available for removing lint and hair at the last minute. They all work really well, and offer good speed compared to other options, but some people may prefer one over the other for certain reasons. As with anything, each will have strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the others, so keep reading to decide which method will work best for you, and your lifestyle.

Deluxe rubber lint brushDeluxe Rubber Lint Brush
The newest addition to our powerful line of rubber brushes, this dual sided version is pretty unique. It has fine bristles on one side like the regular model, but it also has a wavy surface on the back that’s great for microscopic annoyances, or working with textured fabrics like velvet, suede and corduroy. The solid construction ensures a durable tool that will never break, lose shape, or become ineffective, and it’s made from natural rubber, so it builds a charge when you use short strokes on any surface. This static cling pulls in light debris like a magnet so you can easily wipe your sleeve clean, or eliminate fur from a couch cushion in seconds. Learn more.

rubber lint brushRubber Lint Brush
The original rubber lint removal tool, this handy brush fits right in the palm of your hand. A few quick swipes will allow the natural rubber to build a charge thanks to the carbon content, and from that point on, it will act like a magnet for all of the fuzzy stuff you are trying to eliminate. Quickly build a pile without it flying away, and then dispose of it to go about your day. It’s totally washable, virtually indestructible, and it offers long lasting performance. With each pass, the fine rubber bristles will form a wall to lift and remove every spec of debris in their path. Within seconds, you garment or furniture will be clean and ready for the day. Learn more.

upholstery brushUltimate Upholstery Brush
Made from a synthetic rubber instead of the natural stuff, this brush won’t build as strong of a static charge, but the bristles that stick out at the front, make it way easier to clean in cracks and crevices. Because the bristles on this brush are significantly fatter than the two above, it’s better suited for the seats in your car, couch cushions and other similar surfaces, and it’ll be less effective on clothing when compared to those with finer bristles. Easily clean larger areas like stairs, pet beds and comforters, and quickly eliminate debris from tight places like between cushions. This one has a long handle that may be more comfortable for some users, and it’s totally washable, just like the other versions above. Thanks to the TPR construction, this tool will not break, bend, lose shape, drop bristles, or become less effective with repeated use. Learn more.

mini washable lint rollerTravel Size Washable Roller
Many people prefer rollers over brushes when cleaning clothing and upholstery of unwanted debris, but few realize that you can get one that does not require refills, replacements, or throwing away dirty scraps of sticky paper. This powerful sticky roller works just as well as any other, but it’s totally washable and reusable for years of regular cleaning. Simply roll over any surface to collect fuzz and fur, then rinse under warm water to release it down the drain. It never requires a refill, and it retains like-new stickiness for a very long time. Because it comes complete with a folding protective case, this is the perfect tool to take with you on the go, for removing lint at any moment. Learn more.

washable lint rollerRegular Washable Roller
This standard size roller is incredibly sticky, and it’s the perfect size for lint and hair removal all over your home. Use it on clothing before you leave the house, use it on drapery that the cat rubs against, or use it right on chairs and sofas to eliminate fuzzies in a matter of seconds. It comes complete with a slide on cover to protect the roller when not in use, and just like the mini version mentioned above, it’s totally washable and reusable. Just roll back and forth while applying light pressure, and it will pick up and hold any light debris it encounters. A quick rinse will clean it off, and once dry it will be as good as new, and ready to clean again. Learn more.

Don’t settle for fuzzy clothes, or couches covered in fur, but don’t waste a bunch of time or money trying to get stuff clean either. The five tools listed above have been thoroughly tested, and they are proven to perform well, last a long time, and offer incredible value for the money. When you have one or more at your disposal, you’ll never worry about last minute guests, or early morning meetings again because you’ll know that it’ll only take a few seconds to make any material or surface presentable by eliminating every spec of fluffy grime.

Other Options

If you don’t have time to wait for new stuff to arrive, you may have things around your home that can help you out right now. For all you cheapskates out there that won’t fork over a few dollars, and for all you desperate folks that are searching for a last minute solution, check out the list that follows for some home remedy style fixes to lint covered clothing and furniture.

  • Tape – The fat, sticky box stuff works the best, but any will do. Just wrap it around your hand with the sticky side up, and then pat or rub the area you want to clean. Continue until all lint is gone, while making sure to use fresh areas of tape whenever possible. Once fully coated, you’ll have to replace with new tape to keep cleaning.
  • MacGyver Roller – Take a rolling pin and roll tape around that with the sticky side up, and you’ll have made your very own homemade lint roller. Now just roll back and forth to clean your clothes. Once again, as soon as the tape is coated, it’ll be time for a new layer.
  • Scrubby Pad – Not a good idea for delicate garments, but for regular stuff, it’s pretty safe. Grab a new, clean green scrub pad, and wipe across the lint covered surface to clean it. Getting it damp may improve results.
  • Pumice Stone – Similar to the scrubby this rough material can pick up lint when rubbed across clothing and furniture. Use with caution because it’s fairly abrasive.
  • Disposable Razor – With caution and light pressure, you can use a regular shaving razor to collect debris on the surface of your clothing. This method is especially useful for those little balls that are stuck in place, or large stubborn pieces.
  • Vinegar – If you have certain clothing that is notoriously linty, then adding vinegar to your laundry can help to reduce it, or eliminate it altogether. Simply pour in a small amount at the rinse cycle to gain the benefits.

Have your own method or favorite tool not listed above? Use the comments section below to share.

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