A Mini Wrench And Multi-Tool That’s Also A Keychain

mini wrench multi-toolLooking for a teeny tiny set of wrenches? How about a dangerously awesome looking key chain? The Pocket Wrench is all that and more, so your search may be over. Cut from a solid piece of metal, this multi-tool has no moving parts, but it will help you tackle several key jobs right when they pop up. It can attach easily to any key ring, but you can also strap it to backpacks and purses, clip it to carabiners, or stow it conveniently in a glove boxes or desk drawer. It’s made in the USA with top quality raw materials, and it’s way thicker and more sturdy than similar tools sold elsewhere. It comes in your choice of metric or SAE sizing, so you’ll need two for a full set, but you can also just choose the one you use most often. It’s perfect for anyone  that wants to improve preparedness, but tinkerers, carpenters, mechanics and others will have a hard time leaving home without it.

Why Choose This One

A set of wrenches takes up a lot of room, and each one will usually remain separate, so keeping them together can be a real chore. You could certainly drag a large bag or box with you, but storage may be a problem, and speed will not be on your side when you go to retrieve them. Fancy, do-everything, multi tools are great to pack power into a small package, but they can be expensive, and most do not include any size of wrench or socket. If you can find a product with similar functionality, it will probably be thin and flimsy, and it will most likely be double the size without adding any benefit. This one offers loads of functionality, and it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere, but not so small that it’s difficult to use. The rugged design guarantees a long life, and is extremely resistant to any kind of damage. With such a low price tag, you will easily get your money’s worth, and it just might save the day. No more running to the tool box, and no more getting caught without the right tool.

What Can It Do

A valuable addition to any pocket, bag or purse, this little tool is packed with functionality. It’s actually seven tools in one, so get it to have several wrenches in the palm of your hands at all times, but keep it around for all of the other jobs it can handle too. The front part looks like a beak from some prehistoric bird, and it could probably be employed as a self defense weapon, but it also makes the perfect can and bottle opener. Flip any kind of lid with little effort thanks to the design and strength offered, and just rotate to switch between cans and bottles. The same pointy part also makes a really good scraper or pry bar thanks to the incredible strength, and exacting angle. Quickly remove old paint, or flip open a sealed lid.

Move to the very tip of the beak, and you will notice that it is flat like a screwdriver. This part makes the perfect #2 flat head screwdriver in a pinch, and the comfortable grip allows for easy use, and ample torque. The smaller hole near the front of the tool can accept any standard size bit, so use it to transform this little guy into a manual drill, or ratchet with any size socket. The larger hole provides four or five different wrench sizes depending upon version, so you will be able to remove or put in place any number of nuts and bolts. To round out the list of duties, the outer edge can also be used as a ruler. Each little notch adds grip to facilitate use, but it’s also exactly 1/8″ away from the one next to it, and the group is exactly one inch from side to side.

  • A scraper.
  • A bottle and can opener.
  • A pry bar.
  • A wrench with multiple sizes.
  • A flat screwdriver.
  • A drill or socket wrench when bits are added.
  • A one inch ruler.

With an overall size that’s just slightly bigger than your house key, this tool packs tons of power into a little package. It may save the day if your car breaks down, or a key piece of equipment fails, but you will find it useful for regular work too. It’s nice to have a high quality tool in your pocket so you can save a trip to the garage, and this compact wrench will be able to slip into any tight spot to tackle some jobs that your larger stuff can’t even handle. The small price tag is nothing compared to the piece of mind and utility it will provide, so enhance your pocket, beef up your key chain, or add the finishing touch to your hiking bag with this tool.

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