Make Potato Chips at Home

MMM…Crunchy delicious potato chips. They are a favorite snack for a lot of people because they taste so good, and deliver a pleasing crack and crunch upon taking a bite. There probably isn’t a better salt and oil delivery vessel than the beloved potato chip, but they have a pretty major downside. All of that fat, grease, oil and salt are really quite bad for you. For this reason, many people find themselves avoiding their favorite snack food because they opt for the healthy choice. If we could all munch on chips guilt free, and never have to worry about the consequences, we probably would. The fact is though, that if you consume too many, or eat them too frequently, then you are probably going to pack on the pounds.

One way to avoid this is to spend more money on a healthier version. The regular kind taste the best, but they are also the worst for you. Baked and all natural varieties can be much better for you, but you are usually giving up something in the flavor department. If you have ever chomped down on a dry, tasteless wafer of a potato, then you know what we are talking about here. Even if you do find one that is pleasing to your pallet, you will most likely be paying a premium, so if you want to save money and eat a more healthy snack, you may want to try to make your own potato chips at home.

Yes. We realize that most people don’t have a deep frying vat in their kitchen, nor does the regular Joe or Jane have fancy potato cutting machines in most cases. All of these things would help the situation, but are really not necessary unless you plan to start your own brand. If you only want some chips to eat, then there are more practical ways to produce a small batch of homemade chips. The next thing you are thinking is that baked potato chips are not the same, and further more, lining a cookie sheet with potato slices and then cooking them in the oven does not sound all that fun or appetizing. We know.

It is probably possible to produce great results when baking your own potato chips, but for most people it would take practice to master, and more time than anyone cares to spend in order to finish. That’s why we would like to tell you about an easy way to make your own chips that is quick, easy and delicious. The potato chips can be made in less than 10 minutes, and they come out crispy and scrumptious. First things first though. For those of you looking for a more traditional route, we will offer a basic method of frying your own chips at home. Baking them would be similar in the prep, but cooking would be different. Most people would agree though, frying is best for taste when cooking chips at home. If you don’t want to hassle with frying, or you just want the fastest and easiest way to make homemade chips, skip past these steps, and check out the simply good method below.

Traditional Method For Cooking Chips

  • Slice up your potatoes. When preparing chips, you will be surprised at how many you get for each spud you use. For this reason slice a couple at first, and then do more after you witness the yield. When cutting the potatoes, it will work best to use some sort of slicing tool. This is because cooking time will vary depending upon thickness, so if they are all different it will make things more difficult. A mandolin slicer will give uniform results when slicing, so it would be better to use one of those, rather than just a knife.
  • While slicing, put a pan on the stove and begin heating it with some sort of vegetable oil. A deep fryer could be used as well, but most of us don’t have one, so pan frying will give similar results on a smaller scale. You want the oil to be nice and hot, and fully heated prior to cooking.
  • Once heated, carefully place slices of potato into the oil to begin cooking. It will only take a few minutes to get them nicely browned. Flip them over after one or two minutes to make sure they cook evenly, and put them in one at a time because the starch from the raw potatoes makes them stick when they are not yet cooked.
  • Once all the way fried, place them on some paper towels to cool. This is a good time to season because the oil will help hold salt and other spices and lock them onto the chip. If you let them cool all the way prior to salting, it will not stick as well.
  • Once cooled, take them from the paper towel and dump into a bowl for serving.

This traditional home made way of cooking chips works quite well if you want to put forth the effort and clean up the mess afterward. The only down side is that these chips will not really be that much more healthy than those bought at the store. Because they have been fried, you will still have a similar fat content. They will however, be far more tasty due to their freshness and better quality ingredients. For a healthier and easier way to cook your own that is also a healthier option, keep reading.

The Simply Good Method:

The microwave chip maker is a unique device that will allow you to prepare small batches of chips quickly and easily. There will be very little mess involved, and you don’t need to fry or bake anything. It does the cooking in the microwave, but believe it or not, the chips actually emerge crunchy when you are finished. You don’t need any butter, oil, or fat, and you only need as much salt as you want. You can use absolutely no seasoning for the ultimate in healthy chips, or you can add as much, and any combination of spices you desire. The Microwave Chip Maker is the perfect tool to prepare and cook your own potato chips in your kitchen, and it is easy enough for anyone to use, and produce perfect looking results that taste amazing.

Make Healthy Chips in a Snap! One potato + 5 minutes = A Healthy snack from your microwave for a fraction of the price.

Yeah that’s right. From your microwave. Now we know what you are thinking because we thought it too, prior to testing. You are thinking that there is no way on earth that a microwave could make a crunchy chip. Anything cooked in there is destined to come out limp and lifeless right? Wrong. Amazing but true, this little gadget does actually produce potato chips that are shockingly crispy and crunchy. You will be surprised at how these chips cook up because you will end up with what looks and bites like a kettle style chip. They are browned, super crispy, and they taste pretty darn good without even adding salt. You can cook up regular potatoes, or experiment with sweet potatoes and other root veggies for truly unique and delicious snacks. The technique would be the same for any vegetable, but you may want to vary cook time and seasoning depending upon what it is.

How to Make Potato Chips at Home:

Chips. Crisps. Munchies. No need to drag out an expensive mandolin, or whip out your fancy knife skills because it’s all here. This single unit will slice the potato and cook it, plus it all nests neatly for storage. You won’t need another tool to slice with uniform thickness, and you won’t need to fry your slices in order to make them crispy. This unit is a slicer, a storage container, and a cooking rack in one. It even comes complete with a safety food holder so you can cut your potatoes without risking a finger. You won’t need anything additional but the food to cook up a tasty snack. Follow these simple steps to make hoimemade chips quickly and easily.

  1. Simply cut up some slices using the built in slicer.
  2. Line them up on the rack, and place rack in the microwave.
  3. Cook them in the microwave for about five minutes.

Once you take them out, apply seasoning to taste, and you are ready to enjoy your freshly made, incredibly healthy potato chips. Mix it up to create truly gourmet creations. Add vinegar, garlic powder, barbecue spices or any other of your favorite flavors. You may want to try adding seasoning before and after cooking to see what method creates the results you prefer.

Who said snacking on potato chips can’t be healthy? And who said that you had to buy them in a bag to have them available to eat? Trying to get more veggies into your diet without all the preservatives or salt in other snacks? Get the Microwave Chip Maker to make healthy potato chips using a fresh potato, 5 minutes and your microwave. Whether you’re watching your diet or want to make sure your kids eat only natural snacks, this little kitchen tool can help you feed your family better while feeding your chips habit at the same time. Even sweet potato chips can be cooked using this tool, so slice one up and add some cinnamon and sugar for a sweet and crispy treat. Only the tray goes into the microwave, and when fully loaded it remains fairly compact. This means that it will fit in almost any microwave, but it is still big enough to cook two servings at once.

Did you know potatoes are naturally fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free and low in calories? There are only 110 calories in a medium-sized potato. In addition, potatoes have Vitamin C and more potassium than bananas, spinach or broccoli. They’re a good source of natural fiber and contain less than 10% of our daily allowance of carbohydrates and are loaded with antioxidants. According to the National Potato Board, per capita potato chip consumption was 16 pounds in 2007 and 12% of the 46.32 billion pounds of potatoes grown in the U.S. become potato chips. 2 Yes, that’s billion with a “B” and a whole lot’a potato chips!

Whether for a weekend or nighttime snack, prepping kid’s lunches or noshing while you study for exams, the The Microwave Chip Maker is hard to beat. Made of FDA approved, food safe materials that are BPA free, the entire unit is all about convenience. You can take it out at a moments notice, and in less than 10 minutes, you will be scarfing down a fresh batch of deliciously crispy chips. Once you are done making your chips, simply toss the whole thing in the dishwasher for cleaning. There are no pans to wash or oil to dispose of when you use this easy method to cook your potato chips. Storage is easy too. The cooking tray and finger protector nests inside the bowl, and the lid will pop on the top to safely store everything for your next use. It is quite small and compact, so it stores easily, and is perfect for today’s kitchens, dorm rooms, RV’s and office lunch rooms. Get one today and start making potato chips right at home. Enjoy crunchy, healthy, and flavorful crisps whenever the craving strikes, and prepare them quickly and easily right at home. We all know that homemade food tastes the best, and this little gadget allows us to bring that homemade flavor and healthfulness to chips. Cook up regular potatoes or sweet potatoes using this method for perfectly delicious results.

Microwave Chip Maker 



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