Luxuriously Absorbent Hand Towels

hand towel

Are you looking for some great looking hand towels for your bathroom or kitchen? Then look no further. Our new microfiber hand towels look great and work even better. They are super soft to the touch, and will outperform a cotton towel every time. These microfiber towels are manufactured in Korea using the highest quality materials and processes, which means they will work well and last a long time. Each towel features superior construction and will hold up through hundreds of washings. They are softer, they dry faster and they absorb more liquid than a cotton towel. These towels are even lighter in weight than a similar sized cotton towel would be. For this reason, they are also great for travel, sports, camping and more. The super fluffy finish on these towels is perfect for the bathroom, but people are finding uses for them all over. They are available in attractive colors to work with any decor, and we even carry matching bath towels, so you can make a perfect set.

Because these towels are made from microfiber they are super absorbent. Any bathroom would be a great place for one of these towels, but people with high traffic bathrooms, or for areas that see a lot of towel usage, these are ideal. They have the ability to soak up an incredible amount of liquid, and then dry rather quickly. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that features an incredible number of threads per square inch. Each one of these fibers is able to pull water from your body and lock it into the fibers of the towel. The longer fibers on this towel are ultra soft to the touch and help to increase the surface area for absorption. Get yourself more dry in less time with these amazing hand towels. They work better, look better, and feel better than the cotton towel you are currently using. Excellent color choices and an upscale texture allows these towels to be a perfect addition to any bathroom. These microfiber bath towels are exceptionally silky against your skin and will stay fresh because they dry quickly. This will discourage mildew and bacteria build-up and keep the towel smelling fresh longer.

Microfiber Hand Towel