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Are you concerned about all of the toy recalls due to lead paint contamination. If you are like most people than your answer was yes. That is why it is always best to buy toys made right here in the US. You can’t really trust the supply from China, but toys made here are manufactured under strict guidelines, using the very best supplies. At simplygoodstuff.com, we only sell high quality toys that are both educational and safe.

Our Dado Cubes are a revolutionary building toy that has won several awards. It is a colorful (plastic, not painted) and clever twist on traditional building blocks. Notches in the sides of the cubes allow children to build all sorts of unique structures. They nest and interlock instead of stacking traditionally. The cubes are all different sizes and colors, so the resulting build is more like a sculpture than a pile of blocks. Your kids will play for endless hours as they learn and laugh and problem solve. Dado Cubes are made right here in America so you know they are safe. The quality and craftsmanship can’t be beat. This toy is so engaging you will find yourself playing with it just as much as your kids.

Another building toy that is new for this year is the cousin to the dado cube. Dado Squares are made by the same company, but are slightly different. The resulting structures end up to be drastically different. These are flat squares with notches on all sides. Building is much the same as with the cubes. The flat squares interlock to form three dimensional sculptures that are endless in possiblity. Both the cubes and the Dado Squares are high quality learning toys that will provide endless fun and are guaranteed to be lead paint free.

One of the funnest toys to come along in a while is the Plasma Car. This great riding toy is fun for all ages. It isn’t made in the US, but the quality is very high, and there are no painted componets on this toy. Your children will laugh and giggle as they exercise themselves to a happier and healthier self. There are no batteries, pedals or pushing involved. Kids just need to wiggle the handle back and forth to move the car forward.

So…If you are looking for high quality toys and other items for kids that are safe, effective and fun then visit simplygoodstuff.com. We don’t have everything, but if it is on our site we guarantee it to be good. When you are shopping this holiday season be sure to check out our good stuff for kids to get a high quality product that is guaranteed to be safe.



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  1. To be correct, very few toys have lead-free paint, even if they’re made in the US. Do you have a certified test report to back up that claim? Most paints have detectable levels of lead, so you’re doing a disservice to suggest otherwise. (It’s actually false advertising.) There is so much ignorance in the media about lead and what is acceptable or achievable. Articles such as this only muddy the water further.

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  2. The toys listed don’t have any painted components. This is how we can be sure they are truly lead free. You are correct in your assertion though. Even some of the best paints can have trace amounts of lead.

    The Dado Cubes and Squares are high quality plastic and meet or exceed the following safety standards:

    1. The mechanical hazards requirements of 16 CFR 1500, “Federal Hazardous Substances Act Regulations”.

    2. The mechanical hazards requirements of ASTM F963-03, “Standard consumer safety specification for toy safety”.

    3. Safety certification by Bureau Veritas Click here for PDF documentation.

    The Plasma Car is made from high quality ABS plastics and also has no painted parts. It has won many awards and safety certifications too.

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