Latest Trends in Contemporary Home Decor

Contemporary home decor has been around for a while, but, as with anything, there are trends within this decor theme. Trends can go in and out of style but the main idea behind contemporary home decor still stands strong. The theme of contemporary home decor is clean strong lines on the furniture, minimal decorations, and neutral colors mixed with bold accents. The types of accents and furnishings used are what may change because these things are always expanding and improving. The question that stands before you now is “what are the latest trends in contemporary home decor?”Since the look of contemporary home decor offers fabulously textured fabrics, bold but elegant art work, and strong lines there is plenty of room to focus on one of the latest trends in contemporary home decor. This particular trend is in the lighting of a contemporary room. Lighting can be one of the most important elements in a contemporary home decor themed room. Lighting can add structure, highlight focal points, and bring balance or harmony to a room. Some of the must have lighting for a contemporary home decor themed room is track or recessed lighting and accent lamps made from woods and metals.

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Furniture is another big thing in a contemporary home decor themed room. The most popular furniture is made either of oak, cherry, or birch, but bamboo and rattan are becoming more and more popular. Another trend in contemporary home decor furnishings in metal framed furniture. One less trendy, but still popular form of contemporary furniture is upholstered furniture with abstract designs using wools, cotton, and leather. Armani once said that contemporary home decor furnishings are “a subtle richness, not an obvious beauty”.

Contemporary home decor also focuses on the bedrooms in a home, especially the master bedroom. One fabulous contemporary bedroom decor item to have is a platform bed. A platform bed does not have a foot board and the box spring is already built in, these features keep with the clean strong lines of contemporary home decor. Add a black and white or a beige comfort with a bold colored sheet and you have the latest trend in contemporary home decor in your bedroom.

Bathrooms are another hot commodity when it comes to a contemporary home decor theme. Visitors will end up seeing one of your bathrooms, so why not follow the latest trends and make it a contemporary one. Contemporary bathroom trends focus on stainless steel, glass, and acrylic made into clean cut lines. You might even find a black and white or stainless steel toilet. Hot things to have for a contemporary home decor bathroom is a vessel sink with the faucet/spout in the wall and not on the sink.

Contemporary home decor trends will always change and it is not necessary to keep up with them. The important thing to do when using a contemporary home decor theme is stick with clean lines, neutral colors with bold accents, and minimal decorations. Focus on these features, while personalizing the space will give you a contemporary home decor.

Deb Werner is the owner and writer for Habitat Designs, an online home furnishing store offering contemporary home decor goods. Find products that are perfect for adding trendy sophistication to your living space. Visit for more Home Decor ideas.

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  1. Platform beds have definitely been very popular on our site. The more traditional styled ones used to sell the most while the modern and minimalist ones are gaining in popularity. The dark finishes are still the most popular with the occasional person selecting a light natural wood finish.

    We also support your emphasis on environmentally friendly products and promote ‘eco-furniture’ on our site as well.

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