Kid Friendly Storage For Your Back Seat

organize back seat of carWe know what you’re thinking, and no…It’s not a sound-proof box to keep your kids in while traveling. It’s a seat back organizer to hold all of their stuff. It will definitely keep them more quiet while you drive, but it won’t silence the screams entirely, sorry.

With this handy device on the back of your car seat, you’ll be able to provide snacks, toys and even entertainment without stopping, turning around, or spending a bunch of money. It’s also simple to install, so you won’t need any tools or skill to put it in place. Once it’s secure, it will instantly provide versatile storage for those sitting in the back seat.

What Is It

Essentially it is a durable nylon caddy designed to provide universal storage for any vehicle. It’ll work just as well in cars, trucks or vans thanks to the adaptable fit, and universal attachment method, so buy with confidence no matter what you drive. The high quality materials ensure a sturdy product that won’t fall apart or wear out, and the adjustable, dual strap connection buckles in place to remain secure on almost any seat. Once installed, it will help to eliminate clutter and make useful items more accessible. There are three sections of pouches, and with the combination, you should be able to stow anything you need for any trip you take.

The large pocket at the top has a clear front, and it’s the perfect size for holding tablets and other screens so they can be viewed while traveling. Play a movie on long journeys, allow them to listen to their own music, or put on educational videos for short trips around town, or when commuting to work or school. The expensive electronic will stay out of their hands and away from other stuff that might cause damage, but it will still be close enough to hear and provide a good view. This pocket can even be used to hold school papers and folders, library books, coloring pads and so much more. Thanks to the high quality materials, and crystal clear front, it will easily support your standard size iPod, and hold it securely without blocking the screen.

Below the large upper pocket, you’ll find a row of three smaller pouches that are pretty deep. These ones are perfect for holding drink bottles, small toys, stuffed animals, bagged snacks and other similar-size items. The thick material can handle anything that fits, and it’s totally washable if necessary. Flat bottoms and wide openings at the top ensure that stuff inside doesn’t tip over, and is easy to retrieve when desired.

At the base of this storage device, there are two more pockets that span the whole bottom. They are situated so that one is in front of the other, and each one is made from a different material. The front pocket is made from mesh so the stuff inside will be easily visible, and crumbs, sand and other debris will fall right out. Use this one to keep flip flops or damp clothes after a trip to the beach and the sand will drop out as the items dry. It also works well for general supplies, or larger items that may not fit in the smaller pockets above. Behind this mesh pouch, there is a larger one with a thick, nylon front that also spans the whole bottom. This one is a bit deeper, and not see-through so it’s great for extra diapers, a change of clothes, art supplies, reading materials and more.

How It Works

At the top there is a small strap that is solid. It’s meant to go around the support for your head rest. Down lower, there is an adjustable strap with a buckle. It’s meant to go around the base of your seat. Once the lower strap is cinched down tight and buckled in place, the whole organizer will stay snug against the back of the seat. It wont swing from side to side, and it won’t sag down to touch the ground either. As soon as you get the straps in place, the storage unit will be ready to use. When compared to similar products, you’ll find that this one is constructed better, using higher quality materials. You can load it up without any worry, and once you install it, it will remain where you put it.

When To Use It

  • To and from school
  • Trips to the store
  • Camping and hiking excursions
  • Long road trips
  • Everyday commuting
  • Back and forth to the library
  • Vacations
  • Trips to the park or beach

How To Install It

Attaching this to any seat is pretty simple, and the method will be the same no matter what vehicle you drive. You’ll be able to mount it in seconds to provide tons of storage space, almost instantly. You will not need an advanced degree to figure out how to get it in place, but if you want to make sure everything is correct, simply follow the easy steps below.

  1. First remove from packaging, lay flat, and locate the top.
  2. Raise you headrest to make room for the strap, then hang the top part over the support for your head rest.
  3. Once in place, lower the headrest to fix the top part in place.
  4. After the top is connected, align the whole thing so that it is straight against the back of the seat.
  5. Once placed properly, use the lower strap to buckle in place around the base of the seat.
  6. Once buckled, pull the adjustment to tighten the strap. Pull until secure.
  7. Your organizer is ready to use. Fill as necessary.
  8. Works on any vehicle front seat to provide storage in the back. (must be bucket style for good fit)
  9. Hand wash and hang dry when dirty.

So… you didn’t stumble upon a sound-proof cage to transport your children in, but you did find a simple way to make driving them around more bearable. When they have food and toys to keep them full and busy, any short trip can be completed without conflict or headaches. For longer trips, pop a screen in place, and let them stare silently at their favorite movie or TV show. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it because any drive will be more pleasant, and your backseat will be clean and less cluttered. Stop threatening  to “turn this car around”, and get this to make the ride more enjoyable. When kids don’t get bored, they are less likely to get into trouble, and you are less likely to sound like your father.

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