Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Whether you are washing your face, putting on make up or getting a facial, it can be incredibly helpful to keep your hair back, or otherwise out of your face. This prevents annoyance and allows you to finish faster, but it also eliminates the possibility of contamination and other trouble. You don’t want strands falling to get cosmetics on them, and you don’t want your already finished hair to get wet when washing either. If you have long hair, you could use a ponytail in some cases, but for medium length or short styles, this is not really an option. Even with long hair, the pony is not fool proof, but that does not mean it isn’t possible to control hair without growing a third arm.

The Pony Tail

In order to prevent hair from dropping into the sink when washing at night, or falling in the way when curling your eyelashes, something will have to hold it. Using your hand can be the most effective, but that leaves you with one less to work with so it is not ideal. A scrunchy or rubber band can be used in some cases, but not to hold back hair that has been styled, or locks that are too short. Really long hair will still slip into the sink, and shorter stuff will not be able to collect completely. This method of keeping hair out of the way is better used as a quick styling technique because a single tail will just flop into the water as you bend over to rinse, and if pieces are too short, they will still fall forward, or slip loose to cause you trouble. If you opt for this technique, you will get goo mixed in when doing spa treatments, and you will still get frustrated when trying to wash. It is not even an option if you have already styled, so using to prevent cosmetic contamination is probably not realistic.

Bands, Clips, Ribbons And Bows

Tightly gathered strands can result in damage or odd bumps, and they don’t work well for all types, so many females opt for a looser hold in order to prevent problems. To gather strands back without being too snug, clips, bows or headbands are the go to options. Clips can work well, but they are incredibly time consuming, and head bands are quick, but not all types work with all types of hair. Bows pretty much fall into the clip category so the results will be similar. If pinning back hair to keep it dry while washing, you would need several clips or barrettes to do the job. They may hold well enough to be effective, but unless you use a large number, you will only be clipping the front portion of hair. For a facial treatment this is fine, but if you bend over, the back stuff will still flop down, so washing and rinsing is out of the question. A plastic headband can work well to gather everything and pull it back, but it will never be incredibly secure, so you will have to be careful. This technique also only works on the front, so certain situations will not show any benefit. Because it is quick to apply and reapply, many choose this as a preferred option.

A Better Way

bamboo headbandCombine the speed of a headband with the security of a ponytail and you get a thick fabric band that holds snug around your head with elastic. The material is soft and comfortable, but also highly absorbent and easily washable. Unlike regular fashion headbands, this one is wider and more plush. You wouldn’t want to head out on a date with it still on your head, but it can help you get ready in less time and with less frustration involved. It works with long, medium or short hair, and it is incredibly useful for any time you want to keep your hair out of your face. If you are freshly showered and the strands are still wet, it will even promote drying as it absorbs any stray drips. Use it to pin back hair as you wash your face, use it to hold back your do when applying makeup, or keep it back for long periods while setting curls, applying a mud mask or just about anything else. The gentle hold is secure enough to keep your locks in place, but also light enough to prevent damage or messing of freshly styled hair.

Our Bamboo Head Band is the perfect product to ease certain tasks in the bathroom, and it is made from a high quality material that is sustainable and functional at the same time. Bamboo is eco-friendly, but it is also super soft and absorbent when compared to cotton. The design of this band is key to functionality. It has what almost looks like a knot in the front, and it is much wider in the rear. This allows for maximum vision, but it also allows you to gather all hair and leave your whole face uncovered. The thin part in the front can rest at the top of your fore head, and the remainder will frame your face as it circles behind your head. The fatter portion is there to adapt to differing lengths. It will act as a regular band, or you can expand it to form a pocket. This eliminates the problem that occurs when longer back potions flop forward when you bend and move because short or long, all hair will be held in place. The strong elastic takes up the entire interior so every part will add to the grip, and it will not wear out, even with constant use.

How To Use It

Using this product is easy. It will hold any amount of hair, and it will keep it secure so washing and other tasks are easy. It goes on quickly and removes just as fast. When it gets dirty, simply pop it in the wash and use over and over again.

  1. To put it on, simply pull down over the top of your head.
  2. Take it to about the mid point of your face, or take it all the way down around your neck.
  3. Now lift hair so that it is resting on top. Ensure all strands are over the band.
  4. Begin lifting the band up until the small center portion is at the top of your forehead, and aligned at the center.
  5. If you have too much hair hanging down, separate the back part to form a pouch and tuck it in.
  6. Now wash, apply makeup or do anything else.
  7. Removing is just as fast. Simply lift up and off and you are done.
  8. Totally machine washable and reusable.

Stop wringing hair out after it dips into the sink, and forget about redoing your style before you leave the house. Use this simple but effective tool to hold your hair out of the way to make any bathroom task easier. It feels great when worn, but it also holds tight enough to be useful. Save yourself time, money and frustration when you no longer worry about strands of hair with foundation on them, or freshly sprayed locks that get wet or misshapen as you get the rest of your body ready. Clean your face before bed without messing up your hair, or have a spa day with the girls, and look like a pro. This versatile solution does not care what kind of texture you have or how long it is. It will work in nearly every situation and it will outperform similar options thanks to higher quality materials.

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  1. Very interesting. This is the first time that I have heard of such a product but it is so promising. Hair, when unkempt, can really be irritating because sometimes irritates the eyes when it touches them. This is a very good advise. Thanks a lot.

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