Ice Packs That Stay Cold For DAYS

techni ice packNeed to ship a kidney across the country? Have a life saving vaccine that needs to remain cold while traveling to the other side of the world?

Probably not.

But you do most likely have some warm beers that could use some chilling, or a lunch that you would like to actually enjoy come break time. You may also want to share local foods with friends and family that live far away, take a road trip without stopping to eat every few hours, or go camping and have your supplies last as long as you do.

When faced with warm stuff that needs to stay cold, most people will open the freezer to pull out some cubes, and others will resort to some blue pack, or a plastic container that’s frozen. These work alright for short periods of time, but they won’t keep things all that cold, and there are several other down sides too. When freshness is really an issue, or when things need to be preserved for more than a few hours, many people opt for dry ice which can be pretty dangerous, difficult to get, and expensive.

No amount of cubes would be able to sustain that kidney on it’s trip cross country to your half-brother in Nebraska, and the thing would be doing the back-stroke by the time it got there thanks to the pool of water created by the melting ice.

Seriously though… If you did need to ship an organ for transplant, or send perishable items commercially, then something like the sheet in the picture above would be the perfect stuff to use. When placed in a cooler instead of frozen water, it will ensure that the stuff inside remains fresh, and maintains its temperature. Although it was designed with professionals in mind, there’s a whole host of useful applications for us regular folks too.  It works as a dry ice alternative, but you can also use it anytime you would normally use regular bags of cubes or frozen packs.

Keep reading to discover all of the ways you can use this ice alternative to improve your life, and make everyday tasks less annoying. When frozen in a normal freezer, these packs will actually get colder than ice, and once you remove them, they will stay ice cold for DAYS.

Use them to line a cooler and keep food cold, cut to size and use in a lunchbox to preserve your sandwich, or add to a regular brown box to ship food and keep it fresh on a long journey. You can also take advantage of the large flexible sheet to treat sore muscles, areas of bruising, or swollen body parts, and it will provide long-lasting therapy. Once the packs begin to warm or “melt”, there is absolutely no release of water, so you won’t get stuff soggy inside your cooler, and you won’t soak a hole right through that shipping container. Re-freeze Techni Ice over an over to continue using the same sheet time and time again.

What Are They

Each sheet has 24 cells. It has a fabric layer on one side, and a plastic layer on the other side. Inside each cell, and in between these layers, there is a non-toxic polymer refrigerant, and that’s where the magic happens. When you get the sheet, you can cut it to any size by separating any number of cells to create a sheet that fits your needs. It will be totally flat when brand new, but you will saturate it prior to freezing. Once it soaks up water it will become about an inch thick, and it will never release the water. To use it, you simply toss in the freezer and wait for it to get cold. Because it’s not just regular water, it will stay cold for way longer than anything else you’ve used, and when it finally warms up, there will be no pool of water to worry about.

Key Features

  1. Can stay frozen for DAYS.
  2. Does not turn back to water.
  3. Sheets are 11X16 inches and can be cut to size, as small as 2-inch cubes.
  4. Re-usable.
  5. Better than Dry Ice: It’s cheaper, doesn’t evaporate, and it’s non-toxic, so you can use as much of it as you want for shipping perishables. Dry Ice is limited to 5 pounds by the USPS and most carriers.
  6. You can freeze it colder than ice, and even colder than dry ice! (if you can get your freezer that cold)
  7. The longer you freeze it, the colder it gets — and the colder it makes your freezer. Put enough sheets of Techni-ICE ™ in your freezer, and it makes your freezer cold enough to be a commercial-grade freezer.
  8. Also heats in the microwave to use as a heating pack.

Recommended QTY

  • Cooler Bag: 1 to 3 Sheets
  • Small Icebox (5 Gallon):  3 Sheets
  • Large Icebox (10 Gallon): 6 Sheets or more
  • The more sheets used the more days Techni Ice will last. For Optimum Performance: Use 1 sheet of Techni Ice per 2 Gallons of icebox capacity.

Recreational Uses

  • RV’s – Use one or two sheets inside your fridge or freezer to reduce energy consumption. Use while power is off to preserve food without consuming energy.
  • Camping & Boating – Use as an ice replacement to preserve food and beverages, and keep bait fresh. More compact, lighter, and longer lasting than regular ice.
  • Picnics – Keep food fresh all day with a cooler sitting outside, or take advantage of the flexible sheet to ensure that every beverage is ice cold by wrapping one around as you drink.

Household Uses

  • Children – Cut to size to keep lunches fresh when kids go to school, or use as a boo boo bag when they fall, or get cuts and scrapes. Freeze for cold therapy, or heat for hot therapy to make children feel better without any medication.
  • Shopping – Use in your grocery bags to keep food cold, so you can stay out longer. Get several stops done without heading home, and never worry about melted ice cream.
  • Babies – Heat in the microwave to keep a bottle warm, or freeze to keep juice and milk cold.

Commercial Uses

  • Transport meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, flowers, pastries, chocolates and more and have them arrive in perfect condition.
  • Preserve catered dishes, or food for delivery.
  • Take prepared meals and deliver them while maintaining freshness.
  • Transport pathology samples.
  • Reduce swelling in emergency situations.
  • Use as a flexible wrap for injuries. Useful hot or cold depending upon injury.

Veterinary Uses

  • Post Op – Use as a flexible heat pack to keep bedding warm and animals comfortable.
  • Delivery – Transport pathology samples.
  • Horses – Works as a flexible ice pack that can attach and mold to the leg.

Hydration Instructions

  1. Place sheet in water (preferably warm) and scrunch sheet while completely submersed to release air bubbles.
  2. Allow each sheet to unfold while still submersed so as to absorb water.
  3. Techni Ice will expand to a fully hydrated pack, with each cell about 2 inches in width.
  4. Massage any lazy cells, which have not expanded.
  5. Remove them from the water and towel dry thoroughly. This ensures that any excess water does not become ice on the outside of the sheet during the freezing process.
  6. Your Techni Ice is ready to freeze or heat.

To Freeze

Place Techni Ice in the freezer for at least 24 hours for best results. Freezer can be set at the lowest possible temperature during the freezing process for even greater performance. It is recommended that Techni Ice 2 Ply is frozen with plastic facing down to avoid the textile from sticking to the freezer plate or the textile of another Ice Pack.

To Heat

Place saturated sheet in microwave and heat on medium  setting. Check after short time and adjust time as necessary. Continue heating until desired warmth is achieved. Once warmed, carefully remove from microwave to use.

Don’t settle for soggy sandwiches and lukewarm beer at your next picnic, and don’t let that perfectly viable organ go to waste either. You could keep buying bag after bag of cubes at the store, and you could keep dealing with all of the water that builds up inside your cooler afterwards, but why would you want to? These sheets are easier to deal with, they last longer, and many of the common annoyances are totally avoided. Guarantee fresh food, and a dry cooler while eliminating melted chocolate, gooey cheese, warm milk and other gross stuff.

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  1. This is a very interesting article, as I do a lot of camping, and I am constantly trying to keep the food in our coolers cold for several days usually. I love that these sheets are re-usable, which seems like a great reason to invest into these. Thanks for sharing, as this could definitely solve some of our cooler problems we have when we camp!

    (0) (0)
  2. Umm, some false claims there. It isn’t going to get colder than ice in your freezer, it will get to the same temperature. It also won’t make your freezer colder.

    Since the staying cold part is mainly due to the absorbed water and its latent heat of fusion, it isn’t going to stay cold much longer than ice bound into similar sized & insulated bricks will.

    What it does do is provide a mostly non-leak, easily handled pack, which is jolly convenient.

    They are good, just don’t believe the ridiculous and unsupported claims.

    (0) (0)
    • Umm, reading is fundamental.

      We would agree that this product is good, but it’s pretty silly to refute any claim here, or assume that they’re false or unsupported just because you didn’t understand what you read.

      Techni Ice can freeze colder that regular ice. It won’t happen just sitting in a regular freezer, but we didn’t say it would either. It is amazing stuff, but it’s not magical. If you do place it in a commercial or sub zero freezer, it will get colder than ice, and it will hold that colder than ice temperature for an extended period. If you place several of these dry ice equivalent sheets into a regular freezer, they will cause the temperature to drop, and it will run more efficiently.

      It’s good that you remember so many words from those Bill Nye episodes, but using them here is not making you sound smart or scientific. We’re sure you know everything there is to know about the “latent heat of fusion”, but lets set your PhD aside and try something simple. Place a regular ice cube on the counter, and then place a single square of Techni Ice next to it. The cube will turn to water in a matter of seconds, but the sheet will stay cold and solid all day long. Add an “insulated brick” around the cube and it may last for a hour or two, but it will still get warm, and turn to liquid way sooner than the Techni Ice will.

      The convenience portion of this product is nice, but the “ridiculous claims” also add to the appeal.

      (0) (0)
      • Coukd this product be us/ed to ship to our troops in the middle east and how long will it last. Would it be sure to last 4-6 day shipping time

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