How To Use The MicroBuddy Microwave Cooking Set

MicroBuddy is a nine piece set that allows you to cook healthy and delicious food in your microwave to save time and effort. Each piece is specially designed and selected to ensure quality results and maximum versatility. When you have the complete set, there are literally hundreds of meal combinations it can accommodate, especially when you use the stackable cooking method. Thanks to the variety of sizes, it is just as easy to cook for one or two people as it is to cook for a large group. The extra large container can cook a whole ham or several foods at once while the large size is perfect for everyday meals and single serving dinners. Use the medium size for side dishes like freshly steamed veggies or baked apples. Using the set is easy, and when done correctly, it will help you cook homemade food faster than ever.

Step By Step Instructions:

micro buddy

  1. First you select the food to be cooked. For complete meals, make sure to select and combine foods that all take a similar amount of time to finish. An example of this would be chicken breasts along with asparagus spears or hot dogs along with baked beans.
  2. Next you choose a cooking liquid. The MicroBuddy set is powered by liquid, and adding it helps to infuse heat and flavor while keeping food moist and delicious. Many times people just use water, but you can also add beer, wine, soy sauce, juice or any other flavored liquid to make your food taste better. You can also add in a variety of other items to increase flavoring like garlic cloves, lemon slices, onions, cinnamon sticks and more. The options are really endless.
  3. Once you have selected your food and liquid, it is time to load up your cooking tray. Place food evenly over the surface, and make sure not to overlap. Large pieces can go right on the tray, but often times it is better to add smaller pieces like veggies and potatoes to the freezer-to-microwave bowl first and then place them on the tray. Once your food is arranged, pour the measured water or other liquid into the bottom of the MicroBuddy and return the tray to the unit.
  4. Once the food is in place, and a liquid has been added, it is time to cook. Cover the tray with the included lid, and cook on HIGH. Microwave power will vary, so exact time will also, but use the chart provided in the instruction booklet to give a good idea how long it will take. The super moisturized heat will circulate within the container as it cooks your food to perfection. Everything will turn out tender and moist, and the nutrients will be retained due to the speed at which it cooks.
  5. Each piece is stackable to increase capacity or  allow you to cook several foods that you don’t want touching. Cook a main dish in the extra large bowl, but then also stack another smaller one on top to cook dessert at the same time. You can even cook side dishes or heat smaller amounts of food for a short time by placing them in for a shorter amount of time, on top of your other food that is already cooking. With a bit of planning, you can have several different thing all done at the same time.

CAUTION: This product creates very hot steam. Use proper protection and care when handling to avoid burns.

Thanks to the power of super-moisturized heat concentration, you can cook all your favorite foods in a flash by using this microwave cookware set and your microwave oven. It is much faster and healthier than most conventional cooking methods, and the shorter cooking time actually enhances texture, taste and appearance with every use. From tender, juicy steak and potatoes, to deliciously divine desserts, this is real home cooking right in your microwave.

This set is fast and healthy because it combines two different cooking styles for optimum results. The microwave for speed, and heat concentration to seal the food and trap in nutrients and flavors. You end up with incredibly tasty food that is also moist and you don’t lose any of the good stuff because you never overcook your food. The proof is in the taste.

Common Cooking Times:

This set will save incredible amounts of time, even when compared to regular microwave cooking. When you do a side by side comparison to traditional methods the difference is staggering. If you cooked an artichoke by conventional means, it would take 40 minutes, but this set allows you to do it in 6. Salmon steaks might take as long as 15 minutes to finish normally, but the MicroBuddy will cook them in just 5 minutes. Nobody likes to wait for steak and potatoes, so instead of waiting 25 minutes like normal, use this set and you will be sitting down to eat in under ten minutes.


  • hot dogs – 3 min
  • pork chops – 6 min
  • frozen beef tamale – 3 min
  • steak – 5 min
  • ham – 10 min
  • chicken – 5 min


  • asparagus – 5 min
  • green beans – 13 min
  • broccoli – 10 min
  • carrots – 6 min
  • frozen corn – 5 min
  • corn on cob – 7 min
  • potato – 5 min
  • spinach – 1 min


  • crab legs – 3 min
  • salmon – 5 min
  • trout – 6 min
  • raw shrimp – 3 min
  • lobster tail – 6 min

* All cooking times are based on using an 800 watt microwave set to HIGH

*For crispier vegetables, use less time and for softer one cook a little bit longer.

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