How To Use A Static Duster

static dustersStatic dusters are an easy way to eliminate dust in nearly any location. They look similar to a regular feather duster, but the static charge makes them a whole lot more useful. You can certainly just brush dust of surfaces using the super soft fibers, but if charged up properly, you will be able to literally suck it up off the surface, and then hold it securely in the fibers so that it does not fly around only to land somewhere else. When you work with this advanced tool instead of the less than stellar one you are currently frustrated with, you will not only completely clean your furniture, you will also remove that dust from your home because you will be able to throw it away instead of merely spread it around. Take a look at the video below. A piece of cotton has been used to demonstrate the power that this tool provides. Cotton is much heavier than any spec of dust you might encounter while cleaning, but you can clearly see how quickly and efficiently it gets pulled into the fibers and then sticks in place.


Using this dusting tool is easy, and it will reduce effort, and eliminate all need for chemical sprays and other toxic options. It is delicate enough to use on any surface, and the unique design actually allows you to lift up dust without even really touching the surface. Once a strong charge is created, it will act like a magnet to pull the dust off of any surface type, and then suck it right in toward the duster. The super soft fibers get in and around objects with ease, and the whole thing can bend to any shape to further facilitate use. Because it has a super thin inner core made of sturdy metal, it is also ideal for cleaning in tight places or under heavy objects. Follow the easy steps below to use your static duster like a pro.

  1. The first thing to do will be to purchase a static duster if you do not have one yet. We sell the large ones individually, or as a set, and you can also get one packaged with a super long extension pole in order to dust in hard to reach places or remove cobwebs from high ceilings. QUALITY DOES MATTER. Do not try and save fifty cents in order to pay a lower price. Inferior versions will not work the same.
  2. When your duster is brand new, it will appear compact when pulled from the plastic sleeve. A quick spin will fluff it up, separate the fibers, and get it ready to clean.
  3. After you fluff the fibers, you need to charge it up. You can certainly dust and get good results with an un-charged wand, but creating the charge only makes your job easier, and allows you to pick up more dust in less time. The easiest way to build a charge is by using a left over grocery bag, or something similar. If you hold the bag in one hand, and the duster in your other hand, and then rub the bag up and down while gripping the duster and slightly spinning it, static will build up quickly. If you are unsure of the motion required, simply refer to the video above.
  4. Once the charge is produced, you will be able to tell because the fibers will sort of stand on end, and stick straight out. It should only take a few seconds for this to occur, and once it does, you will be ready to clean.
  5. To begin dusting simply brush the fibers over dirty surfaces, and watch the duist dissappear as it is sucked up into the tool. You can spin it around small objects, press it against flat surfaces, or simply use a back and forth wiping motion.
  6. To clean mini blinds, use the duster upright, and press flush against the slats. Move down, and then back and forth to clean front and back in one motion.
  7. To clean house plants, simply twirl through the leaves to dust the top, bottom and even the stem in one fluid motion.
  8. To Dust a ceiling fan, simply bend to a right angle, and attach to an extension pole. Extend the pole and then brush the top of the blades to quickly eliminate dust with little effort.
  9. Dust around delicate objects without moving them, or eliminate dirt from antique furniture without worry.
  10. When the cleaning is done, simply shake out over a trash can or outside to release all dirt collected. The shaking action gets rid of the charge, so everything being held will drop down as you shake it.
  11. Over time the bright colored fibers may get dingy. If this is the case, you can wash the whole thing with soap and water and then let it hang to dry.
  12. This tool is not recommended for direct use on sensitive electronics when charged. Use near them without worry, or use on them when not fully charged.
If this duster can pick up a heavy piece of cotton, and make it travel upwards several inches, it can easily lift up much lighter particles of dust. This is why after a single pass over a TV stand or shelf in your home, it will completely eliminate any fluffy fuzz in order to leave the surface completely clean. You can easily get behind books, under knick knacks and more thanks to the safe and versatile material. You do not even need to touch the dirt or wipe it directly. Come into proximity with any small pieces,  and they will be pulled into the duster and then get locked into the fibers. The same charge that pulls in the dust will also hold it there until you safely release the charge over a trash can.

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  1. Thank you for this information. Of all the people out there trying to sell this product, not one of them had the good sense to demonstrate how to use / clean it. Good job.

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    • You are welcome. Those other companies know that if they did do a video, it would show that their dusters don’t work as well. They only care about taking your money anyways. We appreciate the feedback, and are happy to hear that we are helping you win the war against dust in your home.

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  2. Thank you for the static brushes & instructions. You may have just saved my marriage.

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  3. CAN’T FIND THOSE COLORFUL STATIC FINE FIBER STATIC DUSTERS ANYWHERE ?? NONE IN THE 99cent shops, or other housewares anywhere any more ?? all replaced by real feather dusters I DON’T want, or the shops are full of the new WHITE DUSTERS which are thick and no good for dusting fine statues and collectibles. Mine from years ago, are now too old to use.

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