How To Get Gum Out Of Hair

Giving your child gum seemed like a good idea at the time, but based upon the fact that you are reading this, it clearly did not end up all that great. And let’s face it, kids are not the only ones smart enough to get gum in their hair, so adults and children alike can use the following techniques to get it out without getting a new hair style. Put the scissors down. You don’t have to cut out a chunk, and deal with the embarrassment for the next month because there are several ways to remove it without too much trouble. After finishing you can go back to the way life was before you decided to try and blow the most epic bubble. This sticky mess is a pretty tough one to clean because the gooey wad will bond with hundreds of strands at once, and pulling and tugging can often be painful, but when you follow the right steps, and use recommended tools, the results can be quite good.

Traditional Methods

There are several home remedies that work well for this job. You will not be able to run to the store to buy gum cleaner, and the product you are thinking of may not be the best choice. One thing is for sure, just about everyone should have something around the house that can take chewing gum out of hair. Some substances may work better than others depending upon the type of gum, and how much is in there, and each one will have slight drawbacks or limitations. The best method for you would depend upon what you have available, how big of a mess you have to deal with, and how much time and effort you are prepared to use. We will first list the most common techniques that are usually recommended, and then you can continue reading to discover a different technique that works quickly, and also allows you to avoid putting more food in your hair.

  1. Ice It
    One of the most effective ways to get gum out of your hair is to freeze it. If you use some ice on all sides, it can harden the soft wad in order to make it more brittle. One it is more crispy than gooey, you should be able to pick at it to remove pieces. After a couple rounds of freezing and picking, you should be able to get most of it out. This method is really best used for smaller amounts because it can be time consuming to do a large patch, and thicker wads will not freeze well enough to make it pickable. If you want to try this method, simply take a couple cubes and surround the gum, or use and ice pack and fold it over both sides. You probably won’t be able to get everything out in one try, but several will do the trick for sure unless you have a ton in there to start. Another option when using this technique, is to use it a a starting point to remove the bulk of the build up, and then continue with one of the methods below to quickly remove the rest.
  2. Add More Food
    Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise and plain old vegetable oil can be effective in releasing the bond between the gum and the hair, but for many people it is sort of a gross proposition. While these methods can work well, you will definitely have to wash the hair after you get the gum out. It is the greasy ingredients for the most part that make these substances work, but some specific properties seem to make certain ones better than others. Although the oil will be effective in making the gum slippery, it appears as though the thicker stuff produces better results.To try peanut butter, mayonnaise or oil as a method to remove gum from someone’s hair, take a generous amount and work it in and around all sides of the wad. Once coated, the oils will begin breaking down the ingredients in the gum in order to weaken the bond with the hair. As you are massaging it in with your fingers, you will begin to feel it soften and loosen. Once loose, you can begin trying to pull pieces loose as you continue to massage. Soon all gum will slip free, and you will be able to dispose of it, and then wash out the still yucky, but less sticky food you just smeared in there. To try the vegetable oil version, you basically do the same thing. It is much thinner than mayo or peanut butter, so you will be able to use less, but it may take more work to loosen all of the gum. As previously stated, vegetable oil will work the slowest, but you should still be able to get it out.Peanut butter oil seems to be a better solvent than others, but may also be the grossest choice as far as clean up afterwards goes, plus many people are allergic to peanuts, so it is not even an option. Using mayonnaise requires an identical technique, and as far as effectiveness goes, it seems to fall right in the middle. The nice thing about mayo is that it is known to be a great conditioner, so it offers hidden benefits, and requires the least amount of cleaning to remove afterward. Simply coat all over, work around, and then begin to remove as the chewing gum softens. Your hair will be free of gum, and it will also be silky and conditioned thanks to the mayo.
  3. Vinegar
    This stinky substance can be a real turn off to some, and for this reason, it can be difficult to use on children. It is common in almost every home, and can be effective for breaking down the gum. It will sort of act like a solvent as it deteriorates the bond between the gum and the hair. It is not really bad for hair, and many people apply it for other reasons as a beneficial treatment. To try this method, you will want to use regular white vinegar, and you will want to completely soak the piece of gum by using a saturated rag, or even a cup that you can dip into. When using vinegar to get gum out of hair, you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning it off after you finish, but it also not the fastest, or most effective method out there either. Once you allow the wad to soak, you will begin to feel it soften and get slippery. The longer it soaks, the easier the gum will be to take out, so allow it time to work for best results. Once it softens completely, begin removing it with your fingers or a wide comb.
  4. Vaseline(petroleum jelly)
    Although not the most ideal to add to your head, Vaseline can provide enough lubrication to slip the gum out of tangled hair. When using this method, you should definitely plan on shampooing afterward in order to get the greasy gunk out as well. To use this technique, make sure to separate out just the affected strands. Apply ample amounts all over where the gum is, but also extend up and down to coat the un-coated hair above and below the wad. Now take a comb, and begin brushing downward to free the stubborn gum. This method runs the risk of pulling and causing pain, but it has proven to be a way that works also. If all else fails, or you don’t have anything else on hand, use some petroleum jelly to slip and slide that gum out of your hair.

Simply Good Method

Our recommended method of removal is similar to the ones outlined above, but it does require a specific product, so it does not fall into the category of home remedy. Quick N Brite paste is the perfect substance to slather over a sticky chunk of gum that has tangled itself in your hair. It is a thick and creamy paste that is similar to mayo, although stiffer and more slippery to the touch. It is a natural solvent, and it contains a powerful surfactant. When worked into a snarled wad, it will break down the ingredients, and it will release the tight bond that the chewing gum has with each strand of hair. It does work in a similar way as the techniques above, but it is more powerful, so when you use it, the results will be easier to achieve, and you will spend less time to get your hair clean. Although it is perfect for this job, it also works on hundreds others, and because one of those happens to be as shampoo for you or your dog, you know it is safe to apply to your hair.

How To Remove Gum With Quick N Brite

  • As a first, optional step, you may want to begin with the ice method as outlined above. It may or may not speed up the cleaning, but it is preferred by some to pick out stiffer chunks vs pulling out softened wads. If you do reduce the amount of gum by icing it, you will still use the same method to remove the rest, but it will go a bit quicker based upon the now, smaller volume.
  • To begin removing gum from hair using Quick N Brite, make sure you have a tub of the paste, and not the liquid concentrate. The liquid will work in a pinch, but paste is ideal for this particular job.
  • Scoop up a generous amount of paste and apply to every sticky piece of hair.
  • Massage it in to make sure it has covered the entire surface, and ensure that it begins to penetrate the gooey mess.
  • Allow the cleaner to sit on the area for about ten minutes. If there is a lot of gum, or it is particularly sticky, you may want to let it sit longer, but this is a very important step, so skipping it would prevent good results. As the cleaner sits, it will break down the gum to make it softer, and less sticky. It will feel more squishy and slippery to the touch, and it will not hold to hair as well as before.
  • Use you fingers to pull out the larger pieces of gum. After the Quick N Brite has had a chance to work, you will notice that it sort of slides out without pulling or snagging.
  • Use a comb to remove the remaining small chunks, and then rinse clean with water, or wipe clean with a towel to finish.
  • Follow up cleaning is not required as this is a safe and natural product that is safe for use on your hair. It will be powerful enough to get the gum out, but will remain extremely gentle on skin and hair at the same time.

Overall, our method is faster, easier and more effective than the home brew versions listed above. It does require you to own a bit of this versatile product, but once you begin to discover all that it can do, it will seem silly not to. The texture and consistency is perfect to give a slippery feel to that stubborn goo, and the natural solvent will loosen it’s grip in order to stop it from clinging. If you would rather not purchase anything new, or aren’t as excited to hear about another job that this versatile product can tackle, going with one of the traditional methods will certainly do the trick. If you have it on hand, you probably already thought to try it, and if you don’t, you probably aren’t going to walk around with gum on your head waiting for it to arrive in the mail. So deal with the peanut butter this time, and when your package of Quick N Brite arrives you can use it on fifty other things until another child has an accident with their candy.

Quick N Brite



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