How To Clean Pet Hair Off Stairs

Because your pets refuse to stay downstairs at all times, this area of the home eventually becomes coated with hair that is difficult to remove. If you have wood stairs, it will kind of fly around to collect in the cracks and corners, but if you have carpet, the hair will coat all over, and then it will be extra thick in the cracks and corners. Many of us try to wait this job out, hoping the fur will blow away or clean itself, but lack of magical powers has most of us attacking it sooner or later. The go to methods involve under powered hand vacuums, or heroic balancing acts that make use of full size ones. A vacuum cleaner will usually be able to do an adequate job if it has enough power, but getting to each stair, and removing all hair can be quite a challenge.  If you choose a better tool, you can improve your results, reduce your effort, and spend less time on the actual job. A rubber broom is just such a tool, and the video below gives a quick demo on how to achieve good results. The directions that follow will give step by step directions on how to clean your stairs, and eliminate all hair.


  • This technique will work on any stair type, and will work for any debris, not just fur. Carpeted steps will be more difficult that those with smooth surfaces, and will require a slightly different technique. When working on smooth material, just sweep normally. When working on carpet, use shorter, more deliberate strokes like in the video.
  • To clean stairs, you want to start at the top, and work your way down. This is the easiest direction to move in, and when you get to the bottom, all debris will collect into one big pile.
  • To use the rubber broom on your stairs, simply apply direct pressure and pull the tool toward yourself to create a sweeping action.
  • Clean each stair before proceeding to the next, and make sure to pull debris only down to the next level.
  • Work from the outer edges of each step, and work your way in. Once all debris has been moved toward the middle, sweep it down to the next step.
  • When using shorter strokes, the rubber will build a stronger charge. On carpet, this charge pulls hair up and out of the nap. The more shaggy your rug is, the shorter the strokes you will want to use.
  • Once you get to the bottom stair, sweep everything to the floor below, and then vacuum it all up at once, or use a dustpan to collect debris and toss it in the trashcan.


A rubber broom is ideal for this job. It will save time an effort in comparison to using a full size vacuum, and it will even remove fur that the best vacuums would only leave behind. When you sweep with this broom, the bristles form a solid wall of flexible rubber. This rubber wall conforms to surfaces, but also ensures that nothing stays in place, and even the smallest particles get swept away. Despite acting as a wall in most instances, the individual bristles will also dig down deep into carpeting to lift up dirt and hair that can’t even be seen. As the rubber moves, it will also build a charge, so normal things like hair flying away will not occur as everything remains on the floor, and right next to the broom. The material is safe for any surface type, and will not scratch or leave marks. The pliable head easily gets into cracks and corners to pull out every last strand of hair, so even those tight areas will come clean easily. Thanks to durable materials this tool will last for many years, and it can even be cleaned with soap and water if that becomes necessary.

In the video above no hair is initially visible to the naked eye. This is pretty common for most households. There is enough hair to pick up and track to other areas, and there is enough to trigger allergic reactions, but there is not enough to get you off you butt to clean it. As the demonstrator gets to the bottom of the stair case, a large fluffy ball of dirt, dust and hair has been pulled up and collected from the stairs. The end result is incredibly clean surfaces, and a vast reduction in allergy causing pet fur. It would take most people more time to get out their vacuum, plug it into the wall, and struggle with the attachments than it did to clean this full set of stairs.

Stop dreading this job just because it is nearly impossible with the tools you have currently. You do not have to settle for furry stairs, or resorting to labor intensive techniques. When you start out with a more suitable tool in the first place, a difficult job like this can seem way easier and less time consuming. A rubber broom is about the best tool available for cleaning stairs, and it will allow you to completely eliminate dog and cat hair in a matter of minutes. Once you have proven to yourself how useful this broom is for the job outlined above, keep it around and use in other areas to find out how much time it can save elsewhere.  It outperforms regular sweeping tools on any surface, is nearly indestructible, doubles as a scrub brush and even has an integrated squeegee on the back side. There is no trick or effect involved in the video above, and anyone can get the same results on their first try. Use one for yourself and you will not be disappointed,  but you will have cleaner steps to walk on.

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