Health First Priority for Pet Owners

Pet FountainWhile most people are aware of the human benefits of drinking enough water each day, many likely overlook the intake needs of their pets. Water is an essential element for both humans and pets alike, yet getting enough H2O can be challenging especially for our furry friends that prefer free-falling water to stagnant water in a traditional feeding bowl. As a caring pet owner, there is a solution to better ensure the proper hydration of your pet-it’s Drinkwell The Original Pet Fountain.

Drinkwell The Original Pet Fountain satisfies a pets’ preference for running water and need for proper hydration, while also serving as a convenience product for owners. The easily maintained product holds more than one gallon of water (with the use of an optional reservoir), and best of all keeps pets off of counters and out of sinks and

“Studies have shown that there are thousands of cats who are very particular about their water source, making it less likely that they receive the correct amount of water needed for good health…that’s where our product really makes a difference,” said Sean Rowe, an executive with Drinkwell.

Another plus for pet owners using the Drinkwell is that since the product actually encourages pets to drink more water, it ultimately promotes healthier kidney and urinary tract functioning—an important benefit as kidney and urinary tract disease is a common concern for many cat owners. Rowe added, “We are thrilled at the overwhelming, positive responses we get from pet owners who use the product and note a positive improvement in the health of their pets.”

The Drinkwell was designed and patented by licensed Veterinarian Dr. Mary Burns to encourage pets to drink more water, ultimately promoting healthier kidney and urinary tract functioning. The design features a free-falling stream that is most like the running water pets crave, and comes complete with a charcoal filter to remove bad tastes
and odors leaving your pet with fresh filtered water.

“Making sure your pet gets enough water is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner,” said Burns. “The Drinkwell offers a chance to do that without making it inconvenient.”

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