Hang Your iPod Anywhere

Hang your iPod anywhere!Have you ever wished you could hang your iPod right on your belt loop, purse strap, or from a convenient hook in your car?

Image how nice that would be…

The ClipHanger works on virtually any mp3 player, and allows you to have it at your fingertips right when you need it. This great device was originally designed for use as a cell phone clip, but it works great for pda’s, mp3 players and other small electronic devices. Just stick it to the back of your iPod to have a convenient hook and clip at all times. Whether you hang it on your purse, belt loop, gym equipment, car dashboard or any where else, you will always have it in a convenient location.

The high quality adhesive holds strong until you want to remove it. It only takes a simple twist to completely remove it without leaving a residue. The super strong plastic it is made from is virtually indestructible, and comes with a one year warranty against breakage. A convenience hook is included that can be installed virtually anywhere. Mount your iPod to your dash right next to your stereo. Now you can easily listen to all your favorite music while driving. Put the hook on your desk at work to hang you mp3 player in a close location that is out of the way. If going for a jog, just slip the ClipHanger through a belt loop and be on your way.

No more reaching into your pocket when you are on the move. The possibilities are endless with this cool tool. Available in several colors to match any device or personality. For a similar device with an integrated LED light, check out the ClipHanger Light We also carry a customizable ClipHanger that allows you to install your own image or logo. Click here for the ClipHanger Pic.