Hand Washing Clothes The Easy Way

Many types of clothing call for hand washing on the tag, but even clothes that do not require it will benefit from hand washing verses using a machine. Your garments will end up lasting longer if they’re not constantly subjected to the rigors of a washing machine. So wouldn’t it be nice if it were actually easy to hand wash clothes. Of course it would be, but most of us avoid it at all costs because it is such a pain. Suggested methods include using the bathtub or a sink, soaking clothes for a long time, using tons of water for rinsing, and spending a whole lot of time in general. The Wonder Wash is a device that changes all that. It makes cleaning your hand washables super easy and incredibly quick.

It looks a little like R2D2’s cousin, but you will be amazed at how well it works and how easy it makes the task of hand washing laundry. In just 2-3 minutes you can have clean clothes, washed by hand thanks to the Wonder Wash. It is a hand crank, portable washer that is good for every type of clothing, but since it is so gentle on your laundry, it is ideally suited for hand wash only garments. There is very little agitation involved, so even the most delicate clothes will be totally safe inside the Wonder Wash. The secret to why it cleans so well is the advanced, pressure lock lid. When you add warm water to the washing drum and seal the unit shut, pressure will start to build. This causes the water and soap to be forced through the fabric in order to eliminate dirt and get your clothes clean in very little time. Because the pressure design is doing most of the work for you, there is much less physical exertion involved when washing clothes with this device. Just a few cranks around on the handle and your washing cycle will be complete. A convenient drain spout is located at the bottom of the unit to make draining it super easy too. After your clothes are clean, simply add clean water to rinse your clothes if desired.

This unit is ideal for anyone that does a lot of hand washing. It will do a better job in less time and with far less effort. It is great for single people, apartment dwellers, traveling, camping, RVing and so much more. The Wonder Wash is by far the easiest way to get hand wash only clothing super clean in under 3 minutes.

Place clothes(up to 5 lbs.) into the washing drum. Add water and detergent and then secure the pressure lid. Once the unit is closed, just crank the handle to wash your laundry. About 2 minutes of rotation is all that is required for a normal load. You will want to spin more or less depending on how dirty your clothes are and how full the load is. Once clean attach the drain spout at the bottom to let the dirty water out. You can do a rinse cycle next, or just proceed to remove clothes and dry them. To rinse, just add water to the drum with no detergent and repeat the steps. Release the pressure screw to remove your clothing.

Yes. The loads come out exactly as clean as with a conventional washing machine. According to a leading university which tested the machine, it performs according to claims. It has also won many awards at trade shows, with the most prestigious one being the silver medal awarded to the portable washing machine at the IMPEX Invention Show in the US. The product has been purchased by several hundred thousand people since its invention. It has also been tested and received many positive, fully independent reviews from major print publications.

Not only does this unit make hand washing a super easy task, it is also environmentally friendly when compared to regular hand washing and certainly when compared to machine washing. You will use less water, less detergent, and absolutely no electricity. Simply hang clothes to dry or use an eco-friendly spin dyer to complete your load.

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