Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

Picture this: sitting down to a dinner with the freshest organic vegetables your friends or family have ever tasted. And knowing that they are super charged with goodness and nutrition – priceless!

It might be the juiciest and most flavorsome tomatoes, a salad made up of crisp leafy greens, or perhaps a tabouleh of “vitamin-C-super-rich” parsley and in-season herbs – and that’s just the first course!

And what if your main course veggies selection meant just popping out to the garden and to see which are the ripest ones today?

Now take that thought a step further:

Wouldn’t it be great to open your pantry and see jars of preserves that you (and the kids?) made from your surplus fruit and vegetables – and that’s after you supplied your neighbors as well!

You can do all of this if you set about creating your own veggie patch.

We all pay a lot for the convenience of one-stop shopping at supermarkets, or paying more for organic produce. And now, finding ways to save money has lowered the importance of convenience. More and more people are discovering just how much money they can save by growing their own vegetables.

There are some expensive perennial vegetables, like asparagus, that are able to be harvested for up to 15 years! You plant it once, look after it, and just keep picking it.

You can even grow useful vegetables and herbs on window sills and on balconies – cherry tomatoes and parsley are classic examples.

Science has proven that fresh vegetables have more vitamins and minerals. The longer they are on the supermarket shelves, the less nutritious they become. And once your family tastes really fresh produce, they will learn what those vegetables really ARE supposed to taste like!

Good Stuff for the Kitchen

So whether your goal is to have the freshest food possible on your table or to save money – or both – there has never been a better time to start to grow your own organic vegetables than now.

Growing your own organic vegetables ticks all the boxes: easy, cheap, nutritious, fresh!

In these days of hustle and bustle, lots of people have high pressure, high tech lives. Being able to come home to tend a garden seems to ‘anchor’ them. Not only do they enjoy getting their hands dirty, but the pleasure of putting fresh crisp vegetables on the table is beyond compare.

Don’t be afraid to start your own organic vegetable patch, it isn’t that hard and there’s lots of free advice available, great newsletters and how-to guides. Great advice from organic gardeners is available at YourOrganicGardeningBlog



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