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We all love the taste and health benefits that come along with cooking food on the grill. You end up with juicy, flavorful meats, and you don’t have to let it soak in oils or it’s own fat drippings to get it that way. Simply grill it to perfection using your gas or charcoal powered unit, and you will end up with a nicely grilled exterior and a moist center. It almost seems like you can’t go wrong when you put food on the grill to cook it, and you also gain the added benefit of all the fat drippings falling down and away from your food. The end result is healthier food that is also better tasting, and who wouldn’t prefer that.

Due to seasonal changes, daily weather patterns, and specific living situations, it may not be possible to break out your  grill on a regular basis. For this reason, many of us will pan fry, roast, bake or microwave our food due to lack of better alternatives. This can be fine once in a while, but nothing beats the excellent taste of burgers off the grill, or a perfectly cooked steak. When food is grilled, it has a different flavor, a different texture and in most cases it is also healthier because fat does not pool below the meat as you cook it, so less will be ingested by you.

Too cold in the winter, not possible in the rain, and in the middle of summer, it may even get too hot. We are all at the mercy of weather when we are deciding if we should grill or not because most of us think of it as only an outdoor activity. It takes a special kind of person to want to cook outside in the snow, so most of us keep the grill packed away in a storage location all winter long. Summer time is peak grilling season, but it can always rain, and in some areas the heat reaches unbearable levels during certain months. For many areas, it is too cold outside for more than half the year, so the window of opportunity is small, and it leaves us disappointed and wanting more in numerous cases. Nobody wants to wear a parka, take cover, or sweat like crazy when grilling food, but we all love how it tastes when we get to eat it. The only way to prevent yourself from being at the mercy of the weatherman when making plans of how to prepare your food is to have an indoor grilling option.

Anyone that lives in a dorm room, apartment, condo or similar small space may have a very hard time getting in any grilling. You might not even have the space to store a grill, let alone use it. If you do have a shared grill, or an area that you can keep one, using it can be a difficult task. You might have to walk to a common area, or you may have to perch yourself onto a cramped balcony, dinky patio or some other tiny location. This can be great in a pinch because it will still get the job done, but it will also be pretty annoying. Imagine transporting supplies and food back and forth, or trying to set stuff where you have no room. Most people like to have a table next to their grill to load and unload, and we all need an assortment of utensils and supplies in order to light the grill, clean it and then cook the food. With a small area, you usually have to compromise in order to make the most of the space, so it would be hard to make an area perfect for grilling without preventing you from doing something else in the process.

For shared situations and community grills, you get the privilege of your food tasting like the last person’s, or maybe you get to grill your hot dogs on top of some foil in order to avoid whatever dirt, rust or food is left over. This does not sound too tasty, and it is probably not the first choice for anyone. Even though sharing a grill stinks, and cramping into a small space to use your own is not fun, these two choices are still better than not grilling at all. There will be some people whose living situation does not realistically allow for any of these outdoor options, so they will have a hard time grilling any food without some sort of indoor alternative.

Most people think that indoor grills either don’t exist, or are only for rich people who can afford some sort of fancy remodel in order to install one. This would be partially true because they do exist, and there are several options available. You could install a big fancy unit and redo your whole kitchen, but you could also do it with less money and less impact. Those large, built-in units are most likely better overall, but there are very few of us that have the budget to allow it. We would probably just deal with the alternatives if this was the only way. Plus, this will not help anyone in an apartment because it would not be allowed. For most of us, it would be nice to just have an indoor option at our disposal, that produces good results, and is always ready if and when we need it.

A Stove Top Grill will do just that. It won’t be identical to cooking outside, but it will give you the closest possible alternative without breaking the bank. You will still get that great grilled exterior and you will still have juicy, flavorful food when you are done. It will also allow for the fat to drip down and away from your meat, so you will get all of the same heath benefits as well. Because you use it right on your stove, there is nothing to install, no smoke to worry about, and it can be ready to go in the time it takes your stove to heat up. You will be able to use your counter top to hold utensils and food, and everything will be done quicker because it is all right there. You won’t have to worry about weather, small spaces, or if someone else is cooking on the grill you share. Simply whip it out of the cupboard, place it on the stove and you will be grilling all of your favorite foods in no time. It is the perfect option to bring the great flavor of grilled food indoors, and it will work on virtually any stove. You can use it as an emergency device for when the weather is unpredictable, as a travel device to keep with you in your RV, as an everyday cooking surface, or as a convenient way to enjoy grilled food all year long.

The operation of this stove top grill is simple, but it does offer some pretty advanced benefits. You can use it on any type of stove. For gas and standard electric ranges the operation is the same. For smooth surface ranges you just need to wait longer for best results, so that the surface is completely heated before you cook. Because of the burner type, it will take more time on one of these surfaces. When placing the grill on your stove, simply choose a burner that is smaller than the stainless steel ring. You want the ring to touch the stove and not the burner, and you want all heat to stay within the ring. After the indoor grill is positioned, simply turn the heat on to a medium or medium high setting. This is the best temperature range, and it will produce the most authentic results. The next step requires you to allow the grill plate to heat up, and this will take a few minutes. Once fully heated, you will be all set to begin grilling your food indoors.

The stainless steel ring that supports the non stick grill plate is important for several reasons. It does hold up the grill, and that is needed, but it also adds other benefits too. Due to the advanced design of the grill, this outer ring is able to collect everything that drips off your food. Your food will still be exposed to the heat or flame, but any sauces or fat that fall will be directed into the ring instead of dripping on your stove or remaining beneath your food. It is called a flavor ring because it can also infuse flavor into the food you are grilling. You will always want to add a little bit of something to this ring in order to get the best results, but you can use just water if you want to . If you add a marinade or sauce, the flavor will steam and cook into your food. If you use a lid over the grill, this steaming effect will be amplified to produce moist and flavorful results. Your food will be grilling from underneath, and also cooking from all over due to the heat and steam contained by the lid. This technique will make food  similar to that of a covered grill, but with this, you get the advantage of adding extra flavor.

Easy to cook on and a snap to clean. The cooking surface of this indoor grill is made from materials similar to good quality cookware. It will prevent food from sticking as you grill it, and it will also wash clean with little effort after you are done. It has a domed shape to it which helps to direct dripping fat toward the outer ring, and also ensures for even heat distribution, and better cooking. The surface also has variations in texture and openings in order to mimic that of a traditional grill and add to the effect. It allows for the the maximum amount of heat to move through, and also allows food to sit and cook similar to that of a regular outdoor grill. You would not be able to have a standard grill surface without making a mess, so this one comes as close as possible while still keeping things clean. You will be able to achieve a nice sear on your food, and it will cook evenly and thoroughly, just like it would outside.

This grill works on a single burner, so it can cook enough food for a family of four all at once. For larger families, or for when you are throwing a party, you can have two, side by side. When you cook on this grill it will work just like what you are used to outside, and the food will look and taste quite similar when finished. You can use a lid if you want, but it is not required or included. As with any type of grill or cooking surface, you will want to test it out to see what works best for you. It will offer a very close alternative to outside options, and it will be quick and easy to use. Thanks to the flavor ring, your drippings will still fall, and your meat will still be as lean as possible.

An indoor grill is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It will give you more options when preparing food, and it will help you make great tasting meals in a healthy way, without ever stepping foot outside. You will be able to eat all of your favorite grilled foods all year long, and it will be affordable to get and easy to operate. Make cheeseburgers in the rain, or grill some kabobs in the dead of winter. Live in a tiny apartment? Who says you can’t grill up some hot dogs any time you want? You won’t have to worry if a thunderstorm ruins your backyard BBQ plans, because this great device can be the perfect back up. It will give you similar results to that of an outdoor unit, but it will be faster and easier with this one. Anyone could benefit from a grilling option like this, but it is ideal for folks that live where having a larger grill is not possible. Also, as an on the go option, this grill is hard to beat. Take it camping or in an RV because you can even use it on a portable stove top too.

Indoor Stove Top Grill



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