Green Your Life – 7 Easy Tips

If you really want to green your life the best place to start is your own home. Green may well be the new “black” and not just for fashions sake, but for the earths sake. Start to green your life today by clearing out your toxic cleaning products.

The EPA estimates that indoor air is nearly 100 times more polluted than outdoor air with standard cleaning chemicals being one of the main culprits. Plant-based, biodegradable products are easier on the earth; gentler on skin, lungs and eyes and help you green your life without having to sacrifice cleaning strength.

How green, or healthy is your home? With all the things the average person has to do each day just trying to keep up with their lives who has time to think about this question much less research it. But the health of your home is critical and the cleaning products you chose make a big difference. To green your life isn’t all that hard; here are 7 easy tips to make finding good green cleaning products easier.

1. Read the ingredients. Look to see if your product is nontoxic. Nontoxic products are safe for humans and aquatic life as well. Is it biodegradable? Biodegradable products can be broken down by microbial action. The longer it takes to break down, the more harmful it is to the environment. Plant-based products are an easy way to green your life.

2. Is your product endorsed by Green Seal? Green Seal is highly regarded in the industry and provides science-based environmental certification standards for green cleaning products. Using a Green Seal endorsed product will green your life.

Some other organizations that have high standards and enforce them are; Trans Fair, Forest Stewardship Ceritfied, Greenguard, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Energy Star and Leaping Bunny.

3. Does your product contain chlorine bleach? The wastewater after using a product containing chlorine bleach can react with other chemicals, which can become toxic adding pollutants to our air and landfill. To green your life don’t use any laundry washing products that contain chlorine.

4. Is your product derived from petroleum? Petroleum-based solvents are made from nonrenewable resources, they are flammable and can be toxic when inhaled. Renewable resources such as pine oil or citrus make much better solvents for the earth and clean just as well the non-green cleaners.

5. What is your products pH balance? Neutral pH products are safer for the environment and end user. Acidic or alkaline products can burn if accidentally spilled on your skin. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral and an excellent way to green your life.

6. Is the packaging made from recycled products? Many containers and cardboard boxes are made from “postconsumer” materials and help ease the products impact on the earth.

7. Finally, green your life with products that have not been tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients.

It doesn’t take much to make your home more earth friendly with the right green cleaning products. By deciding to green your life with more earth friendly cleaners both you and the planet benefit and that benefits us all in the end.

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