Grape Juice Stain on Carpet

The grape juice stain is perhaps one of the most feared of all stains. This is especially true if it spills on carpet. Grape juice has a natural pigment that can result in a dark colored stain. That reddish purple stain that is created often looks as if will never come out. Grape juice is really good though, so you wouldn’t want to stop drinking it in fear of the stain that may be a product of that enjoyment. So you need to prepare yourself for cleaning this type of stain so that you will no longer worry about the dreaded grape juice stain.

The other day, I had a nice cup of grape juice sitting on a ledge that overlooks a carpeted stairwell. Needless to say, the cup went flying over the edge somehow, and continued to bounce and splash, all the way to the bottom of the stairs. It was about the worst mess imaginable. I was left with several dark purple puddles on the carpet and spalshes and sprays on the walls. After I got over the initial shock, and overcame the rage, I took a deep breath and reached for my Quick’n Brite.

Cleaning a Grape Juice Stain
I didn’t worry about the grape juice staining my carpet because I knew the Quick’n Brite would take it out, just like it does with any other stain around my house. Grape juice is an organic stain, so Quick’n Brite works really good on it. I just went to the cupboard, under the kitchen sink, and grabbed by spray bottle of heavy solution. This spray bottle was made by mixing three tablespoons of Quick’n Brite into a quart of water. This concentration of cleaner is usually enough to remove any grape juice stain from carpet, clothing, furniture and more.

To clean the grape juice stain, I simply sprayed the Quick’n Brite onto the affected areas of carpet and walls and let it sit for like five minutes. After that, I took a clean, dry terry cloth towel and buffed the stain out of the carpet and off the wall. Just one application took out almost all of the juice in minutes. I then sprayed the area again and let it sit one more time. When I buffed the area with the towel for a second time, it came completely clean. Not one trace of grape remained in my carpet. Quick’n Brite even removed the drips and splashes from the wall too.

If your carpet is completely saturated by a huge spill you may want to soak some of it up with a shammy before you attempt to clean the area. This will only make the cleaning process easier. If there is an abundance of liquid in the carpet, you could end up spreading it around instead of cleaning it. Just place the shammy over the spill and press down firmly. Pat the area untill the majority of liquid has been removed. If there is a lot of juice involved, you will make the stain a whole lot easier to clean if you take this initial step.

It doesn’t matter what color your carpet is, how long the stain has been there, or what you have tried to use on it in the past. Quick’n Brite will completely remove any grape juice stain from your carpet, clothes furniture or anything else.

Of course, the sooner you get to the stain, the easier it will be to remove. If you give the juice time, it will bond with the fibers, and make it more difficult to clean. For dried or set in stains you may want to go with Quick’n Brite paste, full strength, for maximum cleaning power. Just apply the paste to the stain, and work it in with your fingernail or a toothbrush to break up the surface tension. Once the cleaner is applied, let it sit there for ten to fifteen minutes and then buff the stain out with a terry cloth towel. For really stubborn stains it may take two applications, but rest assured, Quick’n Brite will power through even the toughest grape juice stain.

Why is Quick’n Brite so good for grape juice stains?
It works so well because it is an enzyme cleaner. It actually breaks apart stains and then lifts them to the surface so it is easy for you to remove. Enzyme cleaners are great for organic stains like grape juice, and Quick’n Brite is no different. Quick’n Brite is completely non-toxic and chemical free, so it won’t harm or discolor any surface. In fact Quick’n Brite is so safe, you can eat it, and it’s completely safe around children and pets. Quick’n Brite does the cleaning for you, just let it sit there and it does all the work. It makes the chore of cleaning faster, safer, and easier. Try Quick’n Brite for your grape juice stain today.



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  1. thx soooo much for all this information!! it was sooo nessacery cuz i spill grape juice almost every day!!

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  2. Thank you so much, you just saved my hide, if this wasn’t here I never would’ve gotten te stain out, and my parents would’ve been so mad at me.

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  3. We are happy to help. Just wait till you discover the hundreds of other uses for Quick’n Brite. Buy it for your grape juice stain, but use it for all other stains on clothes, carpet or furniture, plus it is a great tub and tile cleaner, floor cleaner, use it on stove tops and cabinets, wash your car with it and more. It is a true all purpose cleaner that is also non-toxic and all natural. How can you lose?!

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  4. To get grape juice out of white cotton,I used a natural microbial liquid (in Pet stores)which was supposed to break down the organic grape stain. Then followed it with Dawn dishwashing soap. Then put the stained area under hot water coming from bathtub faucet. It disappeared!

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  5. Hi really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering What is the safest way to get what looks like a grape juice stain out of my dining room carpet?

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    • Follow the steps above, and use Quick n Brite to easily clean this stain. It is perfect for use on clothing, carpet, upholstery and everything similar.

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