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Super ShammyBy now you have all probably seen the Shamwow infomercial on TV. They make some pretty unbelievable claims, but some of them are actually true. Specifically the claim about using less paper towels, and therefore helping the environment in the process.

Our Super Shammy is the original product, and is a heavier weight, and higher quality material than what is sold on TV. It will work better and last longer than any other similar product on the market, including the infamous Shamwow. One of the best things about the Shammys is that they really can enable you to be a little bit greener at home. We all  spend a lot of money on paper towels, and using a Shammy instead can be easier, faster and most importantly, cheaper. You will also get the added benefit of not using a paper product that will just be thrown away when you are done. With Shammys around, you can all but eliminate your need for paper towels. They can be washed hundreds of times before wearing out, and if they aren’t  dirty,  just wring out, and let  hang dry.

Did you know that paper products comprise the majority of the waste in the United States? A lot of the blame should be given to paper towels because they are grossly overused and rarely recycled. This is why stopping using them can make such a difference. Most people go through many more rolls than you might think, and 99% of them end up right in the trash can. This is why we recommend the use of Super Shammys as one of the easiest ways to go green. If you are just getting started, this is a simple baby step in the right direction. Super Shammys are not hard to use and require no special steps, ingredients or knowledge. Avoid paper towels altogether by using Super Shammys instead. These towels work like magic and they are capable of absorbing up to 20 times their weight in liquid.

With a low cost of less than twenty dollars, and nothing more to buy ever, it is a pretty inexpensive way to be more environmentally conscious. The technology behind these magical towels comes from Germany, and the material is created with ultra-porous polymers that optimize absorbency. Our Super Shammy is made from 100% Viscose Rayon and is a heavy duty 260 gsm cloth. This viscose material is what makes the Shammy almost like a sponge cloth, and allows it to literally suck liquid from virtually any surface. This is why they can be used to clean up messy spills such as red wine, cola, punch, etc. in record time, and without leaving behind a stain. They are also great for cars, boats RVs and more. People with puppies or small children should not be without a supply of Shammys on hand. They are better for the earth, and make cleaning up unexpected messes so much easier.

The Super Shammy technology is good for the environment because it replaces paper towels, which are the source for a large amount of waste in this country. Go green and start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Order your Super Shammys today!

Super Shammy

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  1. I have one of these for my RV and it works great! Much better than towels and other things that I have used before. Really gets the shine up.

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