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UPDATE: Shipping is no longer free for the cloths we sell. We have greatly reduced the actual cost, and shipping starts at just $.99 for several. Overall prices are actually lower, and you can still get free shipping if you place a large enough order. Introducing free shipping on any size order of our microfiber cloths. Order one cloth or order 10 and never pay a dime for shipping. Save even more money with our reduced 3-pack and 10-pack pricing on many of these cloths too. Our cloths are super high quality, amazing at cleaning and are totally reusable and machine washable. We carry Korean made cloths for superior cleaning power and top quality materials. Each cloth will last through hundreds of washings before they need to be replaced. Microfiber is an excellent green cleaning solution because it is also able to clean, dust, polish and more without the use of any additional chemicals or spray cleaners. Use dry, or just add water to deep clean surfaces and remove 99% of all dirt dust and germs. A single swipe of the cloth will clean better than traditional methods and in less time.

Microfiber is not only environmentally friendly, it will also save you money. Make a small investment up front and start counting all of the money you will save by not buying windex, endust, paper towels and more. The cloths can be used over and over with outstanding results. Clean windows and mirrors faster and more effectively than you can with the blue spray and paper towels. Use one dry to dust all over and you will actually polish surfaces as you clean them. For detailing and washing your car there is nothing better than microfiber.  These cloths easily pay for themselves in savings on traditional cleaners and less time spent doing the actual cleaning jobs. You can also feel good because you are not harming the environment, and are using a cleaning method that really works, but is also safe around children and pets. You can even have your kids help you when cleaning using microfiber because of how safe it is. They are also so easy to use that when your kids help, they will actually be cleaning instead of making a bigger mess.

We have all sorts of cloths that are specially designed for specific cleaning jobs. Choose from polishing, dusting, lens, CD/DVD, window cloth, multipurpose and more. No matter the job or surface, we have a cloth that is perfect to clean it. Check out our full range of cloths and start adding microfiber to your collection of cleaning tools. Discover a safe and easy way to clean. Our microfiber cloths have been thoroughly tested and proven to work better and last longer than virtually any other brand on the market. Go green with microfiber. Order today and get free shipping!

Microfiber cloths



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