Fixing a Broken Mist Fountain

fixing mist fountainA mist fountain makes a great decoration for the home or office, but due to overuse, accidents, neglect, time or acts of god, your mist fountain may stop working or become broken. Don’t worry though because there are some easy steps you can take to get it back in working condition in no time. Basically there are only a handful of things that can go wrong with a mist lamp. 99% of the time, it is either a broken bowl, lack of mist, or lack of light from the LEDs. The following will be a breakdown of what to do in each of these instances.

Broken Bowl
This can be either the main bowl, or the glass splash guard that sits above the misting unit. Because they are made of glass, it is not uncommon for these to break. But because they are vessels for water, you can’t really effectively repair them. You will never be able to ensure a leak-proof seal that will still look good. For cases where you have broken your bowl, you will need to get a replacement. Click Here—>[ Mist Fountain Bowl ] to order one online, or call 800-724-6693 to inquire about one not listed on that page. Mist bowls and splash guards come in several different colors and shapes. You will need to choose the correct one to match your existing model. Tired of your Blue Fountain? Buy both parts in green or black to have a totally different look and feel.

Lack of Mist
If your misting device is no longer producing mist, it could be caused by a few different things. The unit may be dirty, the ceramic disc may be dirty or need replacing, or the whole misting device may need to be replaced. The first thing to try is cleaning. You will want to use just a clean cloth and water. Oils from your skin and ingredients in soaps can coat or damage the ceramic disc and mister which will result in a lack of mist. Carefully remove the ceramic disc and proceed to clean the reservour that it sits in as well as the disc itself. Remove any build-up or contaminates that may be preventing the mist from being generated. Hard water can cause mineral deposits to build up over time. They can become caked and clog the misting unit. This can be prevented by regular cleaning or using bottled or distilled water in your fountain. In most cases a good cleaning will get your mister running again.

The ceramic disc has a certain life to it. This will vary depending on brand, but in general they last for months of regular use. People who run their fountains all the time will need to replace the disc a lot more frequently. If you have thoroughly cleaned your mister, and you still have no mist, or just a little mist, you probably need to replace the ceramic disc. They come in two sizes, so make sure you get the right one for your mister. Choose either 16mm or 20mm disc. You can measure your existing disc or refer to the manual for your fountain. Click Here—> [ Ceramic Disc ] to order online. Replacing the disc is an economical course of action as they are only $6 a piece or two for $10. This is a recommended step before you go and replace the whole unit.

If you have a lack of mist combined with a lack of light from the LED, or you have followed the above steps with no results, you most likely need to replace the whole misting unit. This is an easy thing to do, and only requires a couple of steps. Unfortunately this is the most expensive fix, but it is often the only course of action to have a working fountain again.

There are several manufacturers of these misting units, and some are better than others. It should last for years of regular use, but can sometimes die earlier. Click Here—> [ Misting Unit ] to order the best quality mister at the best price. At we only carry the highest quality misting units available. You can choose from three different models. The DH-24, CN-24, or the ML-21. Prices range from 19.95(w/o AC) – 34.95. These are all designed to replace 99% of all misters in any fountain, no matter who is the manufacturer. They come complete with the rubber stopper on the cord to plug the hole in your fountain bowl, and everything else you need.

  • DH-24
    This is the least expensive model. Auto low water shut off. 12 color changing LED lights. Has auto-changing lights and no adjustment for mist. 16mm disc for normal mist volume.
  • CN-24
    Mid range model. Auto Low water shut off. 9 color changing LED lights. Deluxe inline controls for mist and lights. 20mm disc for increased mist output.
  • ML-21
    Top end model. Auto Low water shut off. 12 color changing LED lights. Deluxe inline controls and wireless remote controls. 20mm disc for increased mist output.

Lack of Light
If your LED lights are not working, but you still have mist, or if neither are working, this is the least fixable situation. Unfortunately there is no way to fix or replace just the lights. You can either use the fountain without lights, or you will have to get a new misting unit.

If none of these tips have worked for you, then you probably need to get a whole new fountain. has one of the widest selections of mist fountains on the web. Find unique styles at low prices. If you still have questions or are having trouble, contact us for help.



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  1. I ordered the part you sent me. The disc you sent me is way too big to fit in my mister. Please send me the 16mm instead. How do I send back the one that doesn’t fit?

    (1) (1)
    • First of all, lets make sure it is really too big. Some people confuse the black rubber shipping protection for the sealant washer that resides inside the mister. This black ring is only to ensure that the disc arrives in one piece, and is meant to be discarded prior to installation. If you leave it on, it will make it seem like the disc is too big. If you did take it off, and it is still larger than what your mister takes, you can certainly send it back for an exchange. 1st class mail is your best bet as far as getting it back to us quickly and for a low price. Include a copy of your receipt, and a note letting us know what you want to do, and we will happily ship you the smaller, 16mm size.

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