Five Simple Ways to Go Green

* Green Your Clean-up: Many commercial cleaning products contain chemicals, dyes, and fragrances that con irritate eyes, skin and respiratory tract, especially in children, older folks and those already battling illness. Look for alternative brands, such as Seventh Generation and Method, which can be found at local health food stores.

* Eat Veggies 2-3 Times a Week: A HUGE amount of environmental resources—water, grain, land, fossil fuel— are used to support animal farming for human consumption. Reduce the impact your diet has on the planet by skipping meat a few times a week (“Meatless Mondays” for instance), and not only will it be beneficial to the earth, but you’ll benefit too!

* Stop The Paper: Cancel the subscriptions to unwanted catalogs and newspapers by using the FREE service at Cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive by removing your name from mailing lists at Pay all of your bills online or through your bank. Not only are you saving trees, but you’re saving yourself a little extra time each week by not having to visit the post office to mail bills.

* Save Energy & Save $$: Install compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) throughout your entire home (a little more costly upfront, but a money-saver over time since they last much longer); unplug appliances when they’re not in use or use a “smart strip” power strip that saves energy by sensing when the appliance is not in use and cuts down residual energy use.

* Buy Local: When you’re not “veggin’ out”, buy locally raised meat, poultry, dairy and eggs, when possible. Purchasing from local farmers supports the local economy. You can do this by joining a local food co-op or local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). To find your local CSA, Google “CSA” or “Community Supported Agriculture” with your city name included in the search.

Green Cleaning Supplies

Christine Watson, MS, RD has been teaching nutrition, health and wellness since 1992. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified wellness coach. As the owner of Compassionate Nutritionist, LLC, Christine’s goal for her clients is to help them incorporate healthy eating and fitness into their busy lives. To learn more about the services and products offered by Compassionate Nutritionist, email Christine at



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