Evri-Sink Means Less Headaches In The Kitchen

How many times have you or someone you know dropped a spoon down the drain only to have to retrieve it lest it wedge itself in for a long visit? Perhaps, you’ve accidentally let food like the last vestiges of a chicken breast “slip” off the plate and into the drain? Suddenly you have to “dig” it out with your fingers or worse?

Gone are the days when these accidents meant the yucky task of hunting for “treasure” in the kitchen sink in order to not have to dissemble the plumbing. Or, worse still, have to call a plumber on a weekend to mount the rescue effort for you? Evriholder Products’ new EVRI-SINK™ can keep these accidents from happening in the first place while enabling you to “save” errant silverware, jar lids, food – even baby bottle nipples from a horrible, gunky fate.

EVRI-SINK™ joins Evriholder’s outstanding line of Kitchen Gadgets including the EasiTwist® Jar Opener, & Pebble Peeler™ Brush & Peeler, and its growing line of kitchen sink items including Glam Gloves and Scrub N Rub™ scrubbers.

For years, there have been little strainers and such that tried, often unsuccessfully, to keep pesky cereal spoons or chicken bones from shooting off the plate and shushing into the drain elbow. Enter EVRI-SINK™ which is constructed of ABS and TPR plastics which are approved by the FDA for use with food.

Meaning, if you’re washing succulent strawberries and drop some, they won’t go down the drain. Instead, they are gently “caught” by EVRI-SINK’s™ slotted drain “bowl” which lets water and liquids safely drain from the sink while catching or – as in the case of the strawberries – cradling the tasty (an expensive) morsels for you to retrieve and savor.

EVRI-SINK™ is a thoughtfully designed, two-tone kitchen essential that is not only very useful but also pretty to look at. Available in three colors – Lime Green, Vivid Blue and Hot Pink, the drain bowl is White which is the perfect contrasting color for a clean, crisp “feel” in the sink. EVRI-SINK™ is dishwasher safe (top rack) to help keep the sink fresh and clean.

For optimum functionality, the TPR plastic “collar” is injection molded around the ABS plastic “bowl”. The design provides a tight seal around the edge of the sink drain – the tight seal is only part of the picture. The TPR collar is essentially non-slip which enables EVRI-SINK™ to “grip” the drain and it’s compatible with both stainless steel and ceramic sinks. All grip, non-slip and non-marring in one cool tool!

EVRI-SINK™ is a wonderful product for everyone who has a kitchen sink at home or in the office,” said Gary Seehoff, CEO, Evriholder Products. “It keeps kitchen utensils, silverware, and food items from finding their way into the drain by accident. Great colors combined with the non-slip gripping collar helps ensure larger items don’t get stuck in pipes that can lead to messy removal or expensive plumbing repairs. EVRI-SINK™ is an excellent value and makes a wonderful cross promotion item. It
is not only functional and beautiful to look at resting in the sink; it’s an excellent impulse item for retailers too.”


  • EVRI-SINK™ helps keep silverware, food, small jar lids and other items from accidentally going “down the drain” in the kitchen
  • Is constructed of ABS and TPR plastics which are approved by the FDA for use with food
  • EVRI-SINK’s™ colorful TPR plastic “collar” is injection molded around the white ABS plastic “bowl” giving it a premium look and feel at an outstanding price point
  • Designed for the TPR “collar” to provide a tight seal around the edge of the sink drain which is non-slip and it “grips” the drain for a secure fit
  • EVRI-SINK™ is compatible with both stainless steel and ceramic sinks and will not mar delicate surfaces
  • EVRI-SINK™ is dishwasher safe, top rack – which helps keep the sink fresh and clean
  • Great color combos Lime Green, Vivid Blue and Hot Pink with a White “drain bowl”

Evri-Sink Sink Strainer



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    • Depending upon the design, you may. The standard, large metal strainer/plug thing that comes with most sinks would not work at the same time, but other plugs may. Most people use both. The Evri-Sink would be installed most times, but when you need to fill the sink with water, you would use something else.

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