Environmentally Friendly Cutting Boards

bamboo cutting boardLooking for a way to go green in the kitchen? Then look no further. A bamboo cutting board is an environmentally friendly choice to cut food on, and will put you one step closer to a green kitchen. There are plenty of benefits to switching to this type of cutting board, and very few negatives. If you compare a bamboo cutting board to more traditional versions, you will find that the bamboo versions perform quite well. In general, bamboo is harder than traditional woods, and will tend to last and look good longer than maple or plastic boards. They don’t really cost any more than other types of boards, so people everywhere are making the switch to this more earth conscious choice in cutting boards.

Bamboo is highly sustainable and grows way faster than traditional wood. Some varieties can grow up to two feet per day, and it is actually classified as a grass and not a tree. For this reason it will also propagate itself. You don’t need to plant new bamboo like you do trees. It sends out new shoots underground which result in new growth automatically. The varieties of bamboo used to make cutting boards are generally not the same plants intended as habitat for giant pandas. Bamboo is also 16% harder than maple, so it holds up great and soaks less water which results in a lower amount of residual bacteria.

At simplygoodstuff.com, we carry a very high quality Swiss designed line of bamboo cutting boards. There are several sizes to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Our rectangualr boards feature non-slip rubber feet, and integrated handles for easy use and maneuverability. Constructed using superior materials and processes to ensure the highest quality product possible. Make the environmentally friendly choice in cutting boards. Get a bamboo board to cut meat, vegetables, bread fruits and more.

Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Regular Bamboo Cutting Board

Small Bar Board



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