Easily Remove Soap Scum From Your Bathtub

Don’t you just hate cleaning the bathtub? Sure you do. Who doesn’t? It is one of those jobs that we all put off because it is such a pain, and also one that just gets worse the longer you go without doing it. Soap scum will build over time, just by using the bath properly, and soon  glass, marble, tiles, and fiberglasssurfaces will be totally coated in a sticky and unsightly white haze. We all prefer a clean tub, but most of us hate putting in the work to make it look that way. Also, it seems like right after you sweat and bleed scrubbing your bath tub clean, it just gets dirty again within  a few days. Not many of us can pay someone to do it for us, so sooner or later we are all faced with cleaning all of that soap scum ourselves.

Traditional Options

Most people will turn to powerful scum fighting, scrub-shine wonder sprays, and others will resort to good old fashion elbow grease. The spray cleaners can be somewhat effective if used correctly, and on the right surfaces, but breathing them in is not fun, or healthy. You can smell and feel just how powerful they are, so they can’t be too beneficial for your lungs, or safe for your skin. Common reactions are watery eyes, stinging noses, trouble breathing and more. Clean your bathtub and  toilet at the same time, and you can literally be mixing toxic gas right in your bathroom. We make a conscious effort not to touch these substances as we clean with them, but what about afterward? Why use something that requires gloves to apply it, and then walk all over it with bare feet afterward? You would need to rinse very thoroughly while scrubbing to remove all traces of these cleansers, but most of us don’t. When left on the surface of your tub, they will absorb into your skin when in contact, and remain as a sticky residue otherwise.

If you get past the smell, rinse it all off when you are done, and use gloves to apply it, some of these harsh chemical scrubbers can do the trick. As long as you are careful of what surface you put them on to avoid bleaching and discoloration, and also rinse very thoroughly afterward, you can see good results initially. The problem is that even the best versions of these will leave a residue behind after you are done. This film will dry sticky and then attract and hold onto new dirt. It also has an effect that makes soap scum collect and build faster.  This all results in a tub surface that gets dirty quicker, so you have to clean it more often. That doesn’t sound like too much fun, but most of us will end up going this route. We force ourselves to work harder, and do the chore more frequently, all brought about by the tools and methods we use. This is quite ironic, because we all are trying so hard to avoid this job, and are using these techniques and special cleansers in order to help that cause.

We coat up the tile with a bleachy, chlorine smelling concoction in order to blast fry any mold, mildew, soap scum or other dirt. After all, if it smells that strong it has to clean well, right? We use rubber gloves, sponges and scrub brushes to do the cleaning, and then repeat when the results are less than perfect. Despite claims of efficiency, most of these wonder sprays will also require endless amounts of scrubbing and sweating to get the results you want. If effective on soap scum, they probably won’t work well for hard water stains, and if intended to remove mildew, they will possibly have trouble with soap scum build up. You don’t really need a special cleaner for each type of grime encountered in your tub, but some of these companies would have you think that. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, you should be after one cleaner that works on everything, but also one that has few side effects or down sides, and actually works as advertised.

Natural Alternatives?

For those of us that prefer not to use something toxic, the choices are few. Your options are limited to home remedies, lackluster green cleaners, and a limited number of good alternatives. With any of these more natural solutions, you are almost guaranteed to have to put in work to remove all of the grime. It becomes more important to have a good scrub brush or scouring sponge than what plant based, vinegar something-or-other you are spraying on there first. If you go with a method sans harsh chemicals, you are most likely forcing yourself into a higher frequency cleaning routine, because most of them are mediocre at best. Why else would the store shelves be fully stocked with stinky and toxic alternatives? Those stinky bottles will clean some stuff all on their own, and most eco-friendly alternatives will not produce results unless you put in some work and scrub the dirt and soap scum away. You do get the benefit of less or non-existent residue, but since you are less able to clean the dirt in the first place, you will still find that a method like this will have you cleaning your tub more than you want to.

Something Better

Scum Off shower cleaner offers a way to clean your bathtub without using any harsh chemicals, without leaving behind a residue to collect more dirt, and without breaking your back scrubbing it all up. It is a natural alternative that actually works, and it will outperform the most stinky of the traditional wonder sprays. That’s right. It is an alternative that is easier to use, produces better results, and also allows you to go longer between each cleaning. Not only will it not stink as you apply it, you also will not need gloves because if it touches your skin, you have nothing to worry about. It has a pleasant, almost non-existant smell that is free of anything that might irritate or harm you. You don’t need to worry about gearing up to apply it, and it rinses completely away without leaving any sort of residue. It will even clean and remove the residue left by other cleaners you have tried.


This tub and tile cleaner is plant based, but unlike other cleaners made with plants, this one is extremely powerful. It is a natural solvent and surfactant in one, so it is able to wear down, break apart, and float off the surface any type of grime. It will cut through dirt, devour soap scum and even penetrate and break down hard water stains. This concentrated cleaner does the work for you, so you will spend less time scrubbing and sweating, and more time enjoying your clean, scum-free bathtub. Once you put it on, it goes to work right away, and begins to break up the soap, body oils, dirt, chemical residues and more. Once loosened, they mix with the solution and float off the surface so they are easy to wipe or rinse away. It is safe to use on absolutely any tub or shower surface, and will never stain, bleach, corrode or otherwise ruin anything you use it on. Since it is concentrated, a little bit will go a long way, so you will use less cleaner to achieve better results.


This is one of the best parts! With Scum Off there is little to no scrubbing required. Because of how the cleaner works, it does all of the hard stuff for you. You do not need to scrub and scour to remove the soap scum or water stains, because when left to do it’s job, Scum Off will break apart the build up for you. Because it works differently from traditional cleaners, the application process is also a bit different. Before you start, it is always a good idea to prep the area first.

  • Get your whole tub or shower wet with warm or hot water because this  will improve performance and make your job easier.
  • Once wet, squeeze on some Scum Off. It has a convenient gel-like consistency that allows it to go on thick and stick to the walls easily. It will remain right where you put it.
  • Once you have enough on there, take your included scrub sponge and work the cleaner on with a circular motion. You will kind of apply it like you would wax when waxing a car. This process breaks the surface tension of the oily build up, soap scum or other dirt, and allows the cleaner to penetrate to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Once completely applied, just let it sit there for 20 minutes. If your surface is extremely dirty, let it sit for 30-60 minutes. This is the most important step, and when you let it sit, Scum Off does the cleaning. If you do not let it sit, you will be wondering why this crap doesn’t work, so trust us, LET IT SIT.
  • After it has set up for long enough, it is time to rinse your tub clean.
  • Simply spray or use a cup with warm water to rinse the surfaces clean. All soap scum, dirt and other grime will wash away with the cleaner. It can be even easier if you use your scrub sponge to assist in the rinsing as it will remove more stubborn areas, or spots where the cleaner is thicker without excess rinsing.
  • For a regular tub, a single application will be more than sufficient. For extremely dirty tubs, tubs that have not been cleaned in a long time, or ones where other chemicals have left a large amount of residue, you may need a second or third application to get the area completely clean. This would only be necessary the first time you use it, and subsequent cleaning will be much easier and less time consuming.
  • It is only able to remove a layer of hard water or soap scum at a time, so if you have thick build up, or your glass door is so coated with hard water you can’t see out of it, expect to put in a bit of extra work the first time you clean in order to get it to a fresh starting point. Once all of this is gone, it will not build back as quickly, and if used with a regular frequency, Scum Off will clean your tub very quickly and very efficiently.

Scum Off will easily remove all common build up and dirt, and it will allow you to do it without scrubbing. It will even eat away at the residue left behind from years of harsh chemicals. This will result in a surface that feels cleaner, and also one that stays clean longer. Because there will be no sticky residue from the Scum Off, and it will remove ones left by other cleaners, your tub or shower will remain clean for longer periods of time, and it will be less dirty when you go to clean it.


Most eco-friendly cleaners will not produce the same level of results when compared to their traditional counterpart. This one is different. It will outperform regular style bathroom cleaners, and will also work better when compared to any natural versions too. You don’t need to worry about it coming into contact with your skin, you don’t need to worry about breathing it in, and you don’t need to worry if it will work. This is a safe and effective way to clean any bathtub, and it really works. You will be amazed at how easy it is to remove any amount of soap scum, and you will be wondering why you have struggled for so many years without it. It even comes with a full money back guarantee, so you can give it a try without any risk. It works so well that the manufacturer will give you your money back if you decide otherwise.

Get Scum Off to have the easiest way to remove soap scum at your disposal, and then use it effectively to remove any other type of hard water stain or dirt in your bathtub as well. It even comes with directions for how to dilute it down and mix it in a spray bottle to clean the rest of your bathroom too. A teeny tiny amount can make you a bottle of window and mirror cleaner, and slightly more can make you a bottle of all purpose cleaner for use on counters, toilets, floors and more. A single bottle of Scum Off can give you an effective tool to clean your whole bathroom quickly and easily and without the use of harsh chemicals. Try for yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well this non-stinky bathroom cleaner works, and how easy it is to clean and remove soap scum from any surface.

Scum Off



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