Easily Clean Your Mini Blinds

DUSTING BLINDSMini-blinds are an affordable alternative to more extravagent window coverings. They have all but rplaced old fashioned venetian blinds because they are attractive, easy to use and install, and they are cheap. Mini-blinds are great because they can soften, filter, or completely block the sunlight. The only bad part about mini-blinds, is when you have to clean them. They attract dust, dirt, grease, hair, pollen, bugs; you name it, it’s probably on your miniblinds. Most people will put off cleaning their blinds until the last possible moment because these window treatments are considered to be one of the hardest things to clean in our homes. Many traditional methods include taking the blinds off the wall, putting them in the bathtub, or spraying them down in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be that hard to clean your blind though. Discover an easier way to clean your mini-blinds when you use a static duster.

dusting blindsStatic dusters make the chore of cleaning your blinds much easier and faster. The charge built up in this duster actually pulls the dirt, dust and hair toward you so you don’t have to chase it down. These dusters are uniquely designed to grab and hold more dust than traditional dusters. It’s design makes it especially good at cleaning mini-blinds, but it can be used to clean ceiling fans, knick knacks, shelves, tables, plants and more.

To dust your blinds, simply adjust the blinds so that they are slightly open. Take the static duster and build up a charge by rubbing it against your tv, between a plastic bag, or on the back of the couch. Once the charge is created, press the duster against your blinds and then press down. Now the duster is in position, so all you have to do is dust back and forth. You will be cleaning the back and front of the blinds at the same time. You will also be able to clean several slats at once, saving you valuable time. With just a single pass, back and forth you will remove all of the build-up on your blinds.

If your blinds are extremely dirty, or you have neglected them for a long time, you may need to get a little more serious, but for maintaining clean blinds the static duster is the easiest way. For caked on grime, you will need to use a cleaning solution, and a microfiber cloth. Use a light solution of quick’n brite, and spray it on the mini-blinds. This will immediately loosen the dirt and make it easy to remove. Once the Quick’n Brite is on, take a microfiber dusting cloth and wipe the blinds clean. These duting cloths feature a unique fabric that cleans better than anything else available. The microfiber cloth will lift up the stuck on dirt and hold it in the cloth. Your mini-blinds will be left clean and looking like new again.

Static Duster

Quick’n Brite

Dusting Cloth



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  1. As I work in the blinds industry I can confirm that the static dusters are superb, we use them after every fitting job.. damp cloths simply attract more dust due to the moisture..

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  2. I have to say Hillary has hit the nail on the head, static is one of the main causes of dust build up and static dusters are the best way to clean them. I work with conservatory blinds which people tend to leave far too long before they clean them.

    Static dusters and good old fashioned hard work.


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