Easily Clean your CD’s and DVD’s

CD and DVD cleaning clothDiscover the best way to clean your CD’s & DVD’s

There are no chemicals to use or special steps to take. Forget about special cleaning sprays or chemically treated wipes. All you need is this remarkable cleaning cloth to remove fine scratches, fingerprints, smudges, dirt and dust from your discs. No other cloth works better to clean CD’s and DVD’s, but you can also use them any other sensitive surface in your home, office or vehicle. They enable you to remove all of the build-up without harming the surface. These cloths are specially designed so that they will never scratch and they are made of the highest quality material available. Just a quick swipe with a damp cloth will leave your discs clean, streak-free and polished. Use them dry for dusting and polishing . Or use the cloth damp for cleaning.

These CD & DVD Cloths also feature unsewn edges. In order to prevent scratching and fraying, the edges of the cloths are thermally welded instead of sewn. There are no rough edges or loose threads to worry about. They are made from a revolutionary thread, comprised of wedge-shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon. This makes them incredibly soft to the touch and the unique weave of the fabric makes them unbeatable for cleaning. These cloths work so well, they not only remove the dirt you can see, but they also remove 98% of the bacteria and germs not visible to the naked eye. A static charge is also built up when you use these cloths, so dirt, dust and microparticles are actually drawn in toward the cloth, and then held by the fibers. This makes it even easier to clean your CD’s and DVD’s.

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  1. If these clothes are so gentle on surfaces how on earth do they remove fine scratches from cds?have they got some sort of chemical in them?

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  2. Each “microfiber” is 100 times thinner than human hair. These fibers are then woven into dense masses of tens of thousands of threads per square inch. The fibers themselves have wedge shaped tips that skim the surface and lift up dirt. They are also extremely absorbent, so they lock in the dirt and hold it. Warm water facilitates the cleaning process because it expands the fibers.

    It is an incredibly efficient cloth so chemicals and cleaners are not necessary. They are not treated with any chemicals and you don’t need any to clean with them either. There is no risk of damage when you use these cloths.

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