Easily Add Filling To Cupcakes

filling a cupcakeWant to make some delicious cupcakes that look like they came from a high end bakery? Sure you do. It’s a quick and easy way to prepare an eye-catching treat for birthdays, weddings and other parties, and you are pretty much guaranteed to impress friends and family when you produce something that is both professional looking, and mouth watering. Simple tools can mean the difference between the perfect finished product, and failing miserably, so be sure you have the right supplies if you want to decrease frustration, and improve your outcome.

One of the tricks that many pros will use, is to remove the middle of the cake to make room for more frosting, pudding, or something else yummy. You could attempt this with a knife or spoon, but you will never get a uniform size, and you are very likely to deal with annoying stuff like cupcakes that collapse, or sections of cake that don’t remove all the way. Using a cupcake corer will make this job fast and simple, but it will also ensure that every hole you cut is the same, perfect size.

What Is It

This tool is incredibly simple, but also very useful and effective. As mentioned, you could certainly use things you already have, but the results won’t be as good, or easy to come by. You could also pay more, and get one that is unnecessarily fancy, or one that is equally simple, but just more costly. The affordable tool we carry will get the job done without breaking the bank, but you won’t compromise quality, or make the job any more difficult. It is easy-to-use, and easy to clean afterward. A simple action of press, twist, lift will remove the perfect amount, so it won’t cave in, crumble or squish.

Our Cupcake Corer is actually a two piece set. It comes with one standard size cutter, and one smaller one that is perfect for mini’s. Both are very similar, but one is just a bit skinnier and shorter. They are essentially plastic cylinders with a tapered edge at the bottom, and a fat, flower-shaped handle at the top. The slightly sharp edge at the bottom allows it to slide in easily, and the large handle allows you to lift up without any trouble. They are both sized to take out the perfect amount from the center, and prevent any frustration caused by uneven cuts, holes that are too deep, or cores that don’t come out in one piece. The material is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals, or the time it takes to hand wash.

How to use it

Way easier than using a knife or anything else, this tool will allow you to remove the middle in a matter of seconds. Once you take it out, you can have a little snack, but you can also fill the dessert you are making with something extra yummy. Squeeze in extra icing before frosting the top, or add pudding, jelly, custard or ice cream for something truly special. It Works well for virtually any size of cupcake, but you could also use it for muffins as well. Anyone can use this tool to improve the taste and presentation of their creations, but follow the steps below for best results.

  1. Step one is to decide which one you want to use. The green one is a standard size, so it works for regular cupcakes or ones slightly bigger. For smaller ones, choose the pink tool because it cut a smaller hole.
  2. Step One. Using A Cupcake CorerTo use it, simply align it over your dessert so that it is right in the middle. Once lined up, simply press down to desired depth. You can cut using the full length, or you can do less. A slight twisting action will ensure a clean cut, and make sure the center pops out easily, and in one piece.
  3. To take out the cake you cut, simply lift straight up. It will remain inside the tool, so nothing is left behind. Press at the center with your finger to pop it out and proceed to the next cupcake.
  4. Step Two. Using A Cupcake CorerOnce the center is gone, fill the cavity with frosting, jam, ice cream, pudding or custard up to the top.
  5. Step Three. Using A Cupcake CorerTo finish the job, spread regular frosting over the top to conceal your filling, and then decorate as desired.
  6. Hand wash or place in the dishwasher when dirty.

Don’t spend a bunch of money to have someone else do it for you. And don’t waste energy, or get frustrated just to save a few bucks. This remarkable tool will transform this job from something impossible, into something easy. Instead of wasting the whole batch as you shred and mutilate your cake, you will be able to do one after another in a matter of seconds. Save money, impress guests, or just give yourself a new toy to play with.

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