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Cleaning Tip

When you don’t have a dust pan, use a paper towel by wetting only one end with water and sweep dirt over wet end then use dry part of towel to wipe up.

Our Take

So, if you are without a pan, or the one you are using is giving you trouble, replace it, or improve it, with a simple paper towel. If we understand it correctly, the wet side will cling to the floor and allow you to push all of the dirt up and onto the paper towel. Once up there, you can sort of fold it over, and grab it to lift up, and throw it all into the trash. This technique would quickly solve the problem of a missing tool, but it may also become your preferred method because it’s so fast and easy. You don’t have to search, and you don’t have to worry about pushing everything in to eliminate it because instead of a fat edge, you will have a paper-thin ramp.

Not only would this work as a replacement for a dustpan, it would also work to improve one by adding a ramp. When you drape it over the front end of a metal or plastic pan, the paper will make up for thick edges that cause problems with fine particles. Once the towel is in place, the front edge will basically be flush with the floor, so it will even outperform products with rubber edges. The super thin entry ramp will allow you to sweep everything into the pan, instead of pushing it across the floor without picking it up. By using this technique, light dust and minute particles will not slip underneath, or brush up to the edge without going in. Once the pan is full, flip the wet edge back, and proceed to empty into the garbage.

It’s not exactly the most eco-friendly way to move swept dirt from the floor to the trash, but it is effective. If you are trying to go green, you may not like the whole disposable aspect of this tip, but as far as universal replacements go, it is hard to beat. If you are at the point of annoyance, or if you just can’t find what you need, try this tip to finish the job and move onto something better. Almost everyone will have this item on hand, so it’s a quick, go-to solution that can allow you to finish cleaning your floor without running out to the store.

How To Do It

  1. Begin by sweeping your floor. A good rubber broom can make it easy.
  2. Use a systematic sweeping motion, and collect everything into one or more piles.
  3. Once your piles are set, get a paper towel and get the front third damp.
  4. Lay the towel down next to your pile so that the wet edge is just barely touching.
  5. Once in place, use your broom to push the dirt over the wet part, and onto the the dry potion.
  6. After your pile is transferred to the paper towel, use your hand to wad it up and lift it off the floor.
  7. Dispose in trash can.
  8. To enhance an existing dustpan, simply place the dampened towel into the pan with the wet edge hanging out the front.
  9. Align next to your pile in the same way, and the wet ramp will make it easier to get everything in with one try.

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