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Maybe your basement is flooded with three inches of muddy water. Maybe you just had the most rain fall ever, and your yard is a swampy mess. Perhaps you are on a sinking boat that is slowly filling with water, or maybe you just want an easier way to drain your aquarium or pond in order to clean it. Whichever situation describes you, the solution is the Slide N Pump. It makes it quick and easy to drain out water and other liquids, or move them from one place to another. With this tool, you no longer will need to bail water using a cup or bucket, and you can totally forget about sucking on the end of a hose to start a siphon.

The Slide N Pump is the perfect tool for sucking liquid out of any location, and moving it to another spot. This means that you can use it to drain water out of flooded areas like basements, plugged sinks and overflowing toilets. Everyday household maintenance can be made very complicated by standing water, or having water where you don’t want it, and this tool is the quick and simple way to remove it. Bust it out when you are opening you swimming pool for the season to remove all of that nasty looking water from the cover. You can also use it at the end of the season to remove water from your pool or spa prior to putting the cover on, and closing it for the year. Want to take water out of a kiddie pool without flooding your lawn? Simply start a siphon with this tool, to empty it into buckets, or direct it out of your yard using a longer hose. When digging post holes and deep ditches, ground water can make the job hard by blocking your vision, filling the hole, and making a mess. With the Slide N Pump you can suck out any liquid that accumulates to make the job faster and easier. This tool is also ideal for aquarium and pond maintenance. It will allow you to quickly remove dirty water from the tank or pond, and empty it out wherever you want. You can then pump in clean water from another source using the same tool. Store one on your boat for when the bilge pump breaks, or it just needs a little extra help. This is one of those tools that everyone can find a different use for.

You never knew it existed. You never knew you needed it. But now that you know about it, how could you live without it?

Unlike similar tools available, the Slide N Pump gives you thew best of both worlds. It is a high quality siphon starter and a manual water pump in one. Most others will just do one job or the other, so this tool offers added value. You can use it like a normal water pump, and for each six pumps of this tool, you will be able to move 1 gallon of water. After a short period of time you will be able to drain or remove several gallons with minimal effort. Due to the design and function of this device, it will work just about anywhere.  As long as the end of a hose will fit, you will be able to use it to suck up water. For jobs where siphoning will produce better results, you can use this tool to initiate a siphon instead of pumping the liquid by hand. It only takes one or two pumps in optimal conditions, and once the flow starts, water will continue to move until the area is drained.

You could use an electric pump to do the same job, but most of us don’t do this sort of thing everyday, so an expensive plug in version just doesn’t make sense. This one will produce the same results with a little more effort, but the low cost makes it affordable for just about anyone. It is lightweight, easy to use, and very portable, so you can store it anywhere, and take it with you if you need to. The Slide N Pump is not a tool that most of us will use on a daily basis, but it can be more than worth the cost if you have a job it is suited for. Manually bailing water or siphoning liquid with your mouth can be slow, ineffective, and kinda gross. This tool will save you time, money and effort when you need to drain water and other liquids or move water from one spot to another. The Slide N Pump is a simple and effective solution to a problem that can seem impossible. When you are knee deep in water, or just want to remove liquid from an area where it has accumulated, then using this tool will make it easy and quick.

Slide N Pump

Mini Slide N Pump



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