Daily Maintenance Will Keep Your Shower Clean Longer

There probably isn’t a person out there that would claim to enjoy cleaning their shower. It is a tough job that takes more time than anyone wants to spend, so we all end up putting it off until later. This is great at the time because¬† you are free to do whatever you want instead of scrubbing tile or washing fiberglass. Unfortunately, the problem that procrastination¬† creates only makes your job harder once you get around to it.

Soap scum, body oils and other grime build up in your shower in layers. If you let it go, you only make it more difficult because the dirt will continue to cake on, one layer at a time. If you act quickly to clean dirt before it gets caked on, the job will be way easier. Choosing to wait long periods of time in between cleanings, may force you to perform several applications in order to remove all of these layers of dirt. This is because even the best tub and tile cleaners can only remove so much soap scum and hard water stains at once. That is why waiting to clean your shower or bath tub only makes the job harder, and makes you dread doing it more. If you had a live in maid, or the luxury of infinite time, you could perform a thorough cleaning everyday, after everyone in the house is done showering. For the great majority of us, neither of these is true, and you would probably be certifiably crazy to voluntarily clean your shower every day of your life. You would have tile that sparkled, and was free of soapy residues, but you would also have a strict therapy schedule, and regular visits to the medicine cabinet to re-up your meds.

Although it would be crazy to scrub and polish on a daily basis, the idea of daily maintenance is a very sane idea. If you were able to quickly wipe away the stuff that would otherwise dry and cake to the walls and door of your shower, you could prevent a lot of the grime from sticking around. This would keep your bathtub or shower much cleaner, and  for a longer period of time. It would eliminate ugly water spots, and make it take much longer for soap scum and hard water to build up. If this dirty stuff never builds, your shower will not look, or feel dirty, so you will be able to wait longer between full cleanings without making the job harder.

You wouldn’t want to use your hand, and a washcloth or a towel will not do the trick either. Wiping walls and doors with your bare hand, forces you to touch dirt after you just got clean, and you could never realistically do a good job with just your hand anyway. If you try to wipe with a washcloth or towel, you will still leave behind moisture and some of the dirt and oil, and you may also introduce lint as an added annoyance. Unless you completely remove all of the wetness, you will still have problems. Water droplets dry as spots, and each little spot of water is going to be loaded with dirt, soap, oil and other contaminates that are responsible for making your shower look dirty. Residual moisture can also be responsible for mold and mildew growth, and this is another common thing found in dirty tubs and showers.

A better tool to use would be a squeegee. With this simple but effective tool you can quickly wipe away dirt and eliminate moisture. You can dry any smooth surface in your bathtub or shower, and make it look cleaner almost immediately. As you swipe away the water, you will also be lifting off any dirt, body oil, soap, skin flakes and other yuckiness. Instead of allowing it to dry on walls and doors, you will send this grime straight down the drain along with all of the water droplets that would otherwise dry as spots, or stick around to fuel mold and mildew growth. Because a squeegee is so efficient, you can literally spend seconds after every shower, and save hours down the road. You will be able to wait longer between cleanings, and when you do clean, the job will be easier because there will be less build-up, and fewer layers of dirt.

Some shower squeegees are pretty fancy, and kind of expensive. The part that does all the work is the flexible blade, but the parts that end up costing you money are the shiny and sophisticated handles. Most of us don’t care about the handle, and would be more interested in a tool that just works. It is possible to come across ones with ineffective blades, but most options will provide something useful. The shower squeegee that we carry offers and economical choice, and it works quite well. It is an ideal size for fitting into all areas, and is neither too big nor too small. It also has a little hook built right into it so you can hang it from your shower head or another hook to always have it right in front of you. This will serve as a reminder to do your daily maintenance, but also keep it conveniently close at hand. If you had to reach into a cupboard or go to a different room to retrieve it, you would never wipe down your tub or shower on a daily basis. With it hanging inside your shower, you can retrieve it quickly, and be done wiping in a matter of seconds. After several days of doing this, it will become a regular routine that you don’t even think about. Our version does not have a shiny handle, and it is not chrome or gold plated, but it does come in your choice of colors in order to match existing decor. They have sturdy plastic handles, and a very effective blade.

A single swipe will remove all water and loose debris in a single pass. Any smooth surface will wipe clean easily, and since no moisture will remain, you will not have spotting or other trouble. By removing new particles, fresh soap, and mineral soaked water on a regular basis, you will prevent it from drying and then sticking to walls and doors. If it never sticks, you will not have a dirty looking surface, so you won’t have to clean as often. Use it on glass shower doors, fiberglass walls, or even tile and marble. It is safe for any surface, and will not harm or leave marks on any surface. You can even use it on windows and mirrors in the same way. It will clear steam, remove dirt, and take away all moisture to allow the surface to dry without spotting.

Using a squeegee to swipe down surfaces after every shower will make cleaning easier. You will prevent glass doors from getting white and spotty, and you will eliminate soap scum and hard water before it has a chance to dry on. This is a great way to reduce the effort and time necessary for cleaning your bathroom. It is easy to use, and takes almost no time at all, but the results will be quite beneficial. You won’t have to break out the tough sprays and abrasive sponges as often, and when you do, it will be a quicker and easier job.

A shower squeegee can be great for daily maintenance, but eventually every tub or shower will need to be cleaned more thoroughly. When this time comes, we suggest using a highly effective and non toxic product called Scum Off. It is a powerful product that contains no harsh chemicals, but makes it easy for you to remove soap scum and other tough build up after it gets caked on.



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