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Who wouldn’t want to save money on cleaning costs? Whether it is at home or in a commercial environment, we all spend a lot of time and money keeping things clean. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that could cut your cost and the time you spend cleaning in half? Sure it would, but it would be even better if that product was also environmentally friendly. Nano Power Finish is just such a product. It is a natural protectant and finishing spray that will provide long lasting protection on anything you spray it on. This means that over time, surfaces coated with Power Finish will attract less dirt and be resistant to scratching, oxidation and other factors that can ruin them. It will make any area sprayed easier to clean, and able to stay clean longer.

Nano Power Finish is a water-based finishing spray that works by harnessing the power of nano particles. Just spray it on, let it sit, then wipe away to create a thin, invisible and permanent coating over almost all surfaces. Dirt won’t stick to it, and things like dust, grease and liquids are simply repelled. This results in less dirty surfaces over time and less time needed to clean each object or area once it is in use. Spray it on surfaces like wood, metal, glass and more to add long lasting coverage against dirt build-up, friction, scratching, UV rays, oxidation, and pollution. Using Nano Power Finish will save you time and money, and also preserve and maintain the surfaces’ natural beauty.

Due to extreme versatility of use, as well as application surface, this spray is great for just about anyone. It is perfect for at home on furniture, mirrors, counters and cars, but there are even more commercial applications. Professional cleaners have had great results in hotels, restaurants, child care facilities, schools, nursing homes, retail and grocery stores, office buildings, window cleaning, electronics showrooms, vehicle detailers, marinas and more. Anywhere it is sprayed it will create an invisible layer that makes cleaning easier to perform and less frequent in general. It can be used on just about any surface with the same great results so there is a wide range of uses. Unlike traditional versions of similar products, Nano Power Finish will penetrate 4 times deeper to provide better protection  and a longer lasting barrier. It doesn’t just protect against a single thing, and will hold strong to repel just about anything that might dirty or ruin your surface. Professional cleaning companies love this product because it has been shown to reduce routine maintenance time by 50%.

Most similar products are not as versatile, do not work as well, and are often much harder to use. Nano Power Finish not only works better, but it also has safer, more natural ingredients and is incredibly easy to apply. Instead of using waxes, oils and petroleum products, this protection spray is a water-based product. Due to the advanced formulation, it is able to be more effective without the use of harsh chemicals or dangerous compounds. Thanks to these safe and natural ingredients, this spray can be used many places that others can not. This only adds convenience to an already outstanding product. Because it is safe for use almost anywhere, you can spray and protect all over without ever stopping to worry or wonder if you need to switch to a different product.

There are literally thousands of applications and uses for this spray. Pretty much anything you are cleaning on a regular basis can be coated with Power Finish to protect and preserve the object or surface while making your job quick and easy. Even stuff that only sees an occasional cleaning can benefit from this spray. Things like chrome fixtures or stainless steel appliances will remain shiny and clean for much longer while resiting fingerprints and water spots. Use some inside and out of your vehicle to make a wax job last longer, prevent dashboards from sun damage, ward off dust and so much more. Spray it on wood furniture to polish and shine it while making it look new for a longer period of time. With a coat of Nano Power Finish, tables and chairs will scratch less, be resistant to water stains, prevent dust from settling, and will stay clean, and looking good for much longer than they would normally. The protection gained will be better and longer lasting than the traditional products you are using now. Spritz your TV screen to keep dust from collecting and causing a glare. Coat the rest of your electronics to do the same, as well as prevent fingerprints and sun damage.

Spray almost anywhere due to safe and natural ingredients. This stuff provides awesome levels of protection anywhere you spray it. The following is a short list of things it is great for to get you started: counter tops, tabletops, furniture, desktops, stainless steel appliances, TV screens, sinks, mirrors, refrigeration units, shelving, stove tops, fixtures, faucets, bathroom partitions, windows, display cases, freezer doors, elevators, outdoor signage, machine tools, material handling equipment, file drawers, door latches, door knobs, heating coils and fins, overhead vents and registers, car and truck fleets, auto body, windows, wheels, tools, sporting equipment, boats.

Spray lightly on a clean surface, spread evenly without rubbing, leave liquid on surface for 30-60 seconds, buff with a microfiber cloth. For best results apply two coats on first application. That is all that it takes to provide for your customer the most world’s most advanced level of surface protection. Use full strength, apply as often as needed, do not apply in direct sunlight. Store at room temperature. Coverage from 1000/sqft/gal to 1500/sqft/gal on first coat, from 1500/sqft/gal to 2000/sqft/gal on 2nd coat.

Start using Nano Power Finish today and begin cleaning less frequently tomorrow. Add an incredibly tough layer or protection to any surface to make it look better and last longer. With Nano Power Finish on the surfaces that you clean regularly, you will save yourself time, money and effort, and effectively cut both cleaning times and money spent in half!

Nano Power Finish



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