Cut and Serve Watermelon With The Same Tool

watermelon slicer how to
One tool to slice them all. One tool to de-rind them.

Avoid using dangerous knives, and guarantee professional looking results when you choose this funny looking tool to section your next watermelon. Not only will it allow you to cut the pieces faster, it’ll also reduce the skill and energy required, and make it almost impossible to end up with pieces that are too thin. As an added bonus, it’ll also release the rind as you slice, and it doubles as a serving tool to remove and relocate each chunk.

Slice with uniform thickness, and separate the fruit from the rind with one quick motion, then flip and squeeze to serve the perfectly cut pieces, with the tool you’re already holding. You’ll save time and effort, you’ll waste less melon, and you’ll make it easier than ever to enjoy a delicious fruit that can be intimidating due to it’s size, thick skin, and juiciness.

watermelon-slicer-howto-toolWhat Is It

Made entirely from high quality stainless steel, this slicer looks like a cross between a pair of tongs and a specialized knife. The two sides are nearly identical, but they each have different cut-outs to reduce friction, and aid in the cutting process. At the base, it’s rounded for comfort, and at the tip, the two sides are connected by a stainless steel cutting bar. The build is thick and substantial, you can squeeze the sides together, and it can be held with the tip curving upward or downward. The ingenious design allows you to quickly slice a watermelon into equally sized pieces, and then pick up each one to move them to plates or platters for serving and eating.

Product Features

  • Cutting Thickness – 1″
  • Material – 100% 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe – Yes

How To Use It

Although it looks way different than what you’re used to, this tool is incredibly easy to use. Just hold it one way to cut your slices, then rotate around to use as a serving tool to pull them out, and move them to a plate.

Check out the detailed instructions below to see the process. It only takes a matter of seconds to finish the job, but we’ve included an abundance of pictures below to illustrate the steps, and clarify the simple technique required.

Step 1

For the most part, you will be able to avoid big scary blades when using this tool, but to get started, you’ll have to cut the watermelon in half. Use a large knife to cut it in half down the length, or ask someone for help if you’re too scared or unqualified. Once the melon is in two pieces, you can set the knife aside because you won’t need it again.watermelon-slicer-howto-2

Step 2

Hold the tool with the tip curving downward, and then position at the edge of the melon, right where the red part meets the white/green part. In this demonstration, we start at the middle, but you can begin in any spot that you prefer. No matter the location you choose, the center cutting bar should be aligned with the edge of the fruit.watermelon-slicer-howto-3

Step 3

Once you have it lined up, press down to puncture the flesh. You’ll be able to feel where the soft fruit ends and the hard rind begins. Press down through the fruit until you feel the tool hit the outer skin.watermelon-slicer-howto-4

Step 4

Continue pressing down, and pull the tool towards your body while gliding it against the rind. You can feel the edges of the tool sliding across the hard outer surface, and the cutting bar will slide effortlessly through the soft and juicy fruit above it.

Step 5

Make sure to apply enough pressure to keep the tool all the way through the fruit, and continue pulling until you glide up and out the other side.watermelon-slicer-howto-6

Step 6

Once you glide through, the cutting process is complete, and you should have a full slice, down to the rind, and exactly the same thickness all the way through. Now flip the tool over so it’s curving upward to use it as a serving tool to pull the slice out.watermelon-slicer-howto-7

Step 7

Slip the tool down, making sure to hold it flat, and ensure that the cutting bar doesn’t press down into the top of the fruit. Once you’re in a good position, simply squeeze to grab the slice.watermelon-slicer-howto-7b

Step 8

Lift straight up to remove the slice. Continue to apply pressure to maintain control.watermelon-slicer-howto-8

Step 9

Each piece will be large, complete, and of a uniform thickness.watermelon-slicer-howto-9

Step 10

Once removed, you can easily hand the slices directly to hungry onlookers, place them onto plates as a side dish, or add to a platter for serving later. watermelon-slicer-howto-10

Step 11

After the first piece is removed, simply move over slightly, then proceed to cut another one. If you want thinner pieces than the tool does by default, you can accomplish this easily with every slice after the first one. For a regular thickness, move the tool over the full width of the tool, but for something thinner, just move it over less. To cut a thinner piece, just move over half way, and you will end up with a slice that is half as thin.watermelon-slicer-howto-11

Step 12

You can work right and left of the first cut to continue removing slices until the entire half of the watermelon is finished.watermelon-slicer-howto-13

Step 13

Easily remove slices right up to the edge, and use every spec of fruit available. The picture above shows the melon when slicing is finished, and if you look closely, there is little left other than the rind. Some of the end slices will be smaller than the center ones, but you can angle the tool to remove complete pieces, even at the ends where the fruit is skinnier.watermelon-slicer-howto-finished

Step 14

Once the slicing is done, you can eat and enjoy as is, or you can use the tool to section the fruit further. Quickly slice into smaller pieces, or chop into cubes for eating with a fork, and adding to a fruit salad. You have the option of chomping into a perfect slice of juicy goodness, or using the tool to look like a pro when making a dish to pass for the next party you attend.

You could use a large knife to accomplish the same task, but it’s far more dangerous, and way less fun in comparison. If you were planning to take off the rind, and cut each piece to the same thickness, it would take forever with a regular knife, but when using this tool, you can do it with one easy motion, and without any real danger. The cutter is very effective when gliding through watermelon, but it poses very little risk to you as a human. You can cut several slices in just a few seconds, and you’ll never have to worry about accidents. Each slice will be ready to eat, and you can quickly remove it by flipping and squeezing the tool you used to cut it.

More About The Fruit

Believed to have originated in Africa, this vine-grown annual is widely considered a favorite summertime fruit. It is a sprawling plant with large leaves, yellow flowers, and a sturdy stalk, and it’s grown for the large fruit which is actually a special type of berry. Most of us are familiar with the sweet and juicy variety that is deep red in color at the center, but there are also orange, yellow and white versions as well, and you can often find each type with or without seeds. Although tasty, the fruit itself is mostly water and sugar, and has little nutritional value. The seeds can be dried and eaten, the rind can be cooked to take advantage of nutrients within, and the juice can be fermented to create an alcoholic beverage. The rind is also commonly used when making pickles. To find out more about watermelon, click here.

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