Cut Food, Not Your Fingers

cut food not fingersYour fingers look nice still attached to your hand. Let’s keep them that way.

Professional chef-ing can be an intimidating activity, and it’s one that many of us avoid due to the inherent risk of injury. You know that all of those scary knives are just waiting for the chance to “accidentally” slice you when you’re not looking, so you avoid using one altogether. You may be inexperienced,  out of practice, extra clumsy, or just especially accident prone, and as a result, those razor sharp blades can pose a real risk to your health. Before you give up hope, or start prepping all of your food with an electric processor, you may want to try a little protection so you no longer have to fear the blade. With a knife guard in place, the dangerous edge is unable to touch your skin, so you never have to worry about unexpected abrasions or severed digits.

What Is It

Our Safe Slice Knife Guard is a simple and clever device that slips over your fingers to create a protective barrier between your delicate skin and the knife you’re using. The back side features an adjustable metal band that secures the guard to your hand, and it easily adapts to remain tight on any size hand. Because it can be worn on any finger, and rotated to any angle, it also works well with any type of food, and with any grip you prefer. The open design allows you to hold the item being cut comfortably, and the overall design ensures that it won’t get in the way, or force you to work in a way that’s uncomfortable. Once in place, the large shield at the front will guard against accidental injury by blocking any unwanted pokes or slices. Wearing this guard when slicing food will give any novice the confidence of a pro because accidents will be virtually impossible.

knife safety guard

How To Use It

Slip it on anytime you prepare food for piece of mind. The extra layer of safety it provides will help you increase speed, improve accuracy, and attempt techniques that are more risky. Your food prep will take less time, the results will be better, and you’ll never have to worry about running to the emergency room, or dashing to get a box of band-aids. You may have to explain to others what the heck is on your hand, but after you explain it, they’ll be asking where you got it.

  1. Always wash fruits and vegetables prior to slicing.
  2. Once clean, place atop a cutting board or another safe surface.
  3. Take your non-dominant hand and slip on the Safe Slice. Ensure that the finger band is tight around your finger.
  4. Wear on index or middle finger, and rotate to accommodate the position of your food.
  5. Grip the food you are cutting and allow the knife guard to form a wall between your hand and the knife blade.
  6. Take your knife in your dominant hand, and proceed to slice like normal.
  7. Cut all the way up to the guard without worry, and slowly move back to reveal more uncut food.
  8. Dishwasher safe when finished.

Your kids like carrot sticks, and whole tomatoes just aren’t the same on top of a cheeseburger. It’s perfectly sane to fear large blades that are incredibly sharp, especially when questionable people like ourselves are wielding them. Get this simple little gadget and never say no at snack time again, or embarrass yourself trying to cut veggies with a butter knife. Use it to give yourself the confidence that comes with knowing that you will never cut your finger, no matter how many potatoes and onions you chop.

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