Creativity And Exercise Combined

chalktrail in actionLooking for a way to encourage kids to get outside and play? Want to increase enjoyment when they ride bikes, or use a scooter? Then check out the Chalktrail. It comes in two versions, and it quickly attaches to existing equipment in order to add an artistic flare to your child’s bike or scooter. Once in place, it will transform the ride on toy, and turn it into a giant instrument for making art. As an added bonus, your child will need to get their blood pumping, and body moving in order to draw and create. It’s awesome when used solo by a single child, but craziness, and complicated designs will result when several kids play together. All they have to do is ride or scoot like normal, and a bold, colorful line will follow them wherever they go. By turning and twisting as they ride, geometric designs and colorful pathways will begin to emerge. Once they master the technique, the possibilities will be endless, and they’ll begin to create games, or improve output as drawings and enjoyment improve with use.

How Does It Work?

You won’t need any tools to install it, and there’s no permanent hardware to attach. Either version can pop on and off in a matter of seconds, but they stay securely in place while being used. The clever attachment method allows kids to take them on or off whenever they feel like it, and it makes it easy to share or move to new bikes as children grow. The main frame of the toy is like a wishbone clamp. At the end there will be little cylinders that attach to the rear wheel at the center. At the other end of the Chalktrail, you can see the actual chalk holder part. A simple tab system grips by tension, so chalk pieces are held secure, but they’re also easy to replace. Once installed on the bike or scooter, and after chalk is in place, the holder will cause it to press against the ground at all times. The curving shape, and exacting angles provide the perfect amount of pressure and support to ensure that frustration is eliminated, and chalk lines will follow, every inch of the way.

How To Install It

  1. Parental guidance is not required, but children should be made familiar before left to do it themselves.
  2. To attach it, simply pull the arms apart to separate, and then line up with the rear hub.
  3. Once it position, release the arms to clamp the holder in place.
  4. Double check alignment to make sure each side is correctly aligned and secure.
  5. Once it’s on, install a piece of chalk by squeezing the tabs to open the tension holder.
  6. Insert a piece of chalk, and then release the tabs to hold it in place.
  7. For the bike version, adjust the angle of the end piece to account for tire size.
  8. After it’s installed, double check to make sure it’s touching the road, and then ride like normal to draw and exercise at the same time.

ChalkTrail For Bikes

This version is compatible with nearly any bicycle out there. It works with beginner bikes and larger adult, mountain bikes all the same. It doesn’t matter what the wheel size is, and you can even use it with training wheels installed. In order to account for differing wheel sizes, this one has an adjustable chalk holder at the end that rotates to provide the perfect angle. When you attach it, it will connect to the rear hub, over the nut that holds the wheel in place.

ChalkTrail For Scooters

Use this one on almost any scooter that kids ride. It works with any razor style scooter, and clamps onto the back wheel in much the same way the bike one does. Because wheel size is pretty consistent with scooters, no angle adjustment is present on this model.

What’s Included

You don’t need any hardware, and there is no assembly required. The actual toy is a single piece, and the standard package for either version comes complete with the holder and one piece of chalk to get you started. Extra chalk can be purchased separately, or combined as a combo to save you money. A single piece will last for 1.5 miles of colorful drawings, but children never seem to have enough, so to keep the fun going longer, stock up ahead of time.

Riding bikes is fun, but when you can prove where you’ve been, create paths and trails to follow, or draw amazing designs as you swerve down the street, the fun level increases quickly. Children will be so focused on what they are making, they won’t realize how much exercise they are getting. Instead of sitting around playing video games, or whining about how bored they are, you can give them something to do that will promote creative thinking, and a healthy lifestyle. Once they’re so tired out from pushing the limits of what this toy can do, you will notice improved attitudes, decreased laziness, and an improved desire to get outside and think for themselves. Get one to encourage outdoor play, or get one to make other kids in the neighborhood jealous. It’s guaranteed to please, and it won’t take long before little Jimmy is riding down the street, laying down chalk every inch of the way.

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