Create an Environmentally Friendly Home Starting With Your Kitchen

Are you concerned about the environment? Are you looking for way to be a little more environmentally friendly? Believe it or not the kitchen can be a great place to start with an eco-friendly household movement. For a greener home starting with your kitchen, try these great tips.

  • Growing and Herb Garden: Growing an indoor herb garden is a great way to start an environmentally friendly kitchen. Not only does growing your own herbs help to ensure you stay organic, but it also enhance every meal. Choose a few of your favorite spices (Basil, Thyme, Oregano, and Garlic are popular ones), get a couple clay pots, and start your garden. You’ll want to set up your plants on a windowsill where they will get plenty of sunlight. Check out your online gourmet retailers like igourmet for herb garden sets that will supply you with everything you need to start your garden.
  • Fair Trade Brews: If you love a morning cup of coffee, consider purchasing and brewing your own fair trade coffee. While most coffees are mass produced or made through non organic processes, fair trade products work to “fairly” compensate smaller famers for their time and product. Farmers who take part in the fair trade tradition work to utilize organic means of producing, harvesting, and selling their product. Fair Trade products aren’t limited to coffees; many gourmet retailers offer a wide selection of Fair Trade products including sugars, syrups, and teas
  • Take it To Go: Did you know that over two million styromfoam cups are used for a morning cup of coffee and then merely tossed into the trash. Do your part to cut down on non biodegradable waste by making your morning cup of coffee or tea and home. If you want to enjoy your warm beverage while you drive or at work, consider investing in a good travel mug may be a good idea. Making your coffee to go and taking it with you in a reusable travel mug will help you save time, money, and the environment.
  • Say No to Plastic: Whether your taking your lunch to work or refrigerating left over’s, consider getting rid of plastic baggies and saran wrap and replacing it with reusable Tupperware containers. Using and reusing containers will help cut back on the amount of product you waist and it will ultimately keep your sandwiches or last night’s dinner fresher longer.
  • Use Dish Towels and Reusable Napkins: When you’re finished washing dishes and need to wipe your hands off take a second and think about what you use. Many people use a paper towel, wipe their clean wet hands off and proceed to toss it in the garbage. A great way to cut back on paper waste and work towards and environmentally friendly kitchen is switching over to reusable napkins and hand towels. Purchase a few fancy cloth napkins for your dinner table and simply wash them after your finished using them.I’m not saying you need to get rid of those paper towel rolls all together. Sometimes they really come in handy for messes you don’t want to clean up with reusable cloths. When you do purchase paper towels, look for brands that use recycled paper to produce the towels; after all they are simply going right back into the trash.

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