Cool Bed Sheets For Hot Summer Nights

Summer is in full swing, and the temperature is really getting up there. Depending on where you live it may stay hot and sticky all night long too. This can make for an incredibly uncomfortable night’s sleep thanks to all of that hot and sweaty tossing and turning. Having the right set of sheets in these conditions can make all the difference and help you stay cool and fast asleep until sunrise. If you want to ensure a great nights sleep each and every night during hot weather, then you need a bed sheet that is both breathable and lightweight.

Our microfiber sheets are super comfortable all year long, but can be especially nice during hot weather. They are made from a microfiber material woven together tightly at an incredible 800 threads per square inch. This construction makes them super soft and ridiculously comfortable, but the uniqueness of the fabric also makes them great for summer. Because microfiber is so fine, yet super strong, it creates a very durable sheet that is also light weight. It also allows the sheets to breathe quite well too. You will find that these sets of sheets feel cool, crisp and super comfortable all summer long. The high thread count not only makes the sheets soft, but also gives them a slight luster too. The silk-like fabric has a real high class look to it and the price tag is quite affordable too.

If you have trouble sleeping during hot summer nights due to being overheated and uncomfortable then you need to give these sheets a try. They are great for hot weather, but will offer a soft and silky nights sleep any time of the year. Each set is an incredible value at such an affordable price, and we have several styles to choose from. They feature a high thread count weave, and come in four or six piece sets. Each set will include 2 or 4 pillow cases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. They are available in King or Queen and 12 different colors. You will find it harder than ever to get out of bed once you start using these sheets and hot sweaty nights will be a thing of the past. Order your set today and start enjoying your cool and restful nights.

Microfiber Sheets



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  1. It is so true that during those hot summer nights there is nothing worse than sticking to your sheets. That is why it is very important to find the right quality sheets to aid in a good nights rest. Its worth the money in zzzzzz’s

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  2. Thread counts too high trap heat…must be cotton (though interested in BB&Beyond’s new cotton/bamboo tensel sheets).
    Sheets MUST NOT be ‘brushed’ but instead have NO nap and feel
    silky or like a slick, crisp piece of paper…not just SOFT.
    My way of doing it:
    Layer 3 flat sheets over you…I start out with three, the smoothest first on my skin, then the largest (I buy king sized for a queen bed) on top. I end up warm and then roll the top sheet
    off down to just two but it’s there if I get cool in the night. Also, a ceiling fan on that is not blowing down, but up to cirulate air.
    So, I laugh that I’m ‘3 sheets in the wind’ but is very comfortable. OH, and I live in far SW Florida, and keep my AC set on 76-77 at night.

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    • Thanks for the tips. Very helpful. Because these are actually microfiber, they are able to be a higher thread count and still stay breathable and crisp. Bamboo, as you mention, is another new material of some promise in this area

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