Companies Jumping On The Green Wagon, And They Should

Although the issue of sustainable business has been around on a large scale for over a decade, it seems we really just started seeing results during the past few years.

This spike in “eco” could have been caused by the approval of new grants for environmental companies, tax write-offs by the government, or even the creation of prizes from hopeful billionaires like Richard Branson. Perhaps those reasons started the fire, but in order to spread, many more reasons need to be evaluated.

What are the are the main reasons that corporate America is going green?


(Gasp!) That’s right. The same reason that businesses get involved with new ventures in the first place is the first reason businesses are going green. Going green can save businesses money (on electricity and utilities) and help them make money (great publicity).

However, this does not make them evil or materialistic. It is actually a good thing that people are taking global warming seriously, even if there is a financial kickback involved. In the capitalistic society in which we live, if there wasn’t money involved, it would take a lot longer to reverse the harm that we have already done to the earth. Money is not the root of all evil after all.

Great publicity.

Going green provides companies with great publicity. Take a look in your local paper each day for one week and count the number of articles that have to do with the environment. Chances are that you will see at least 5 or more. Many on the same day.

Next, take your favorite retail store. Whether it is Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I would bet money (and I’m not a gambling man) that they had an environmental portal off of their corporate site that tells about all the great things they are doing for the environment.

Everybody is doing It.

That’s right! Your not the only one to fall victim to peer pressure. Businesses do it to. That is why you see so many imitation and generic products on the shelves. One company creates a hit, and 10 other companies have to follow suit and modify the product just enough so they don’t get sued.

There is nothing to be ashamed about with this either. Usually if the idea was a good one, there is enough to go around. This type of society breeds innovation anyway. It is always smart to (lawfully) borrow and modify tips from others. You may even stumble on your own innovation.

Because you should.

Using green products and promoting green services IS the right thing to do. No matter how much your making (or saving) off of it, no matter what your competitors are doing, protecting the environment is the right thing to do.

If we want the earth to be around long after we are gone, we owe it to future generations to go green and then scream it from the rooftops. Hopefully this will pressure others to do the same.

Eliot Dill is the Founder of Advoice Paper, the first company to advertise industry specific products on the back of recycled paper invoices, statements, and packing slips. To read more about Eliot and Advoice Paper, please visit



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