A Coaster Set For Irresponsible Drinkers

silicone coaster setYour loser friends never remember to use coasters.

If you have kids, you can be sure they’re even worse.

In situations where drinks are roaming around your home, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for the host as ice cold beverages are placed on wooden shelves, glass tables, and other areas where damage is almost guaranteed. At best you have water rings and other marks to remind you never to invite guests over again, and at worst, you have permanent moisture damage that no amount of youthful smiles will prevent you from stewing over.

Thwart disaster, once and for all, by attaching a coaster right to drinks before you even offer them. That way you don’t have to stalk company to make sure they’re following the rules, nor will you be forced to explain why little Billy is in trouble for ruining your expensive new furniture. With a protective layer that travels with each beverage, you’ll be sure that every surface in your home is protected from damage. Instead of being a neurotic friend, or a helicopter parent, you can enjoy your peers at your next gathering, and you can allow your kids to have the freedom they deserve.

Our Silicone Grip Coaster Set is the perfect addition to any home, and it effectively solves the age old problem of lazy sippers and irresponsible drinkers. No longer will people roam willy nilly through your abode to plot the destruction of convenient flat surfaces, because no matter where they set down their beverage, it’ll be impossible to cause any lasting damage. As an added bonus the material also provides a non-slip surface to prevent accidental spills, and the fun colors make it easy to tell whose drink is whose when everybody is enjoying the same thing, and from similar looking glasses.

What Are They, And How Do They Work?

Made from 100%, high quality silicone, the set includes six coasters in a variety of colors. The thick material is round in shape, and the perfect size to fit a variety of containers. Use on wine glasses, plastic cups, tumblers, cans, bottles and more because the adaptive design ensures a snug fit on all of them. At the outside edge of each coaster you will notice three large tabs. These are what hold it in place. Simply open the tabs to insert the base of your stemware, or to set your can or cup inside. Once you release the tabs, they will close down to create a secure hold, and keep the coaster in place. Once installed, it will provide a protective barrier to prevent moisture damage, and a non-slip coating to prevent accidental spillage. Because each one in the set is a different vibrant color, you can even use them as drink markers at parties so nobody catches the cooties.

Because these are made from superior materials, they’ll last longer and work better than similar looking products sold elsewhere. The bright colors won’t fade over time, and the silicone won’t go limp or lose shape with repeated use. If they get dirty, cleaning is a snap because you can pop them right in the dishwasher to get them clean without effort. Fully versatile, and not just for frosty brews or lukewarm wine, the material is fully heat rated to over 400 degrees so you can use them with coffee and coco too.

Don’t avoid having people over, and don’t force kids to keep drinks in the kitchen. You don’t have to hold parties outdoors, or in the basement to keep your home looking nice, and with these on hand, you won’t have to nag people in order for them to act right. Some people will never come to the realization that condensation equals moisture, and moisture equals damage to certain surfaces, so let them roam free with their oblivious happiness, to drink and be merry.

Just make sure to pop a coaster on before they crack open another cold one.

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