Cleaning Your Driveway.

Concrete driveways look great when they’re new, but stains such as those from oil, grease, rust, mildew and tire marks rob concrete driveways can cause it to look old and warn prematurely. A big oil spot in the middle of your driveway can make the most meticulously maintained home look bad. Whether it was a leak from your car or someone else’s car that created that mark on your concrete driveway, garage floor or sidewalk, it can be just as bad. We want it to look good, but many of us have no idea how to properly clean a driveway.

So, Is there an Easy Way to Remove Driveway Stains?
Of course there is. All That you need is a bucket of Quick n Brite, some kitty litter and your trusty rubber broom. So don’t wait any longer to get to that driveway. Just follow our easy instructions to have it looking like new again. You won’t want to procrastinate on a mess like this because concrete floors are porous and permanently stain if oil, grease and dirt are not removed quickly.

Cleaning a driveway or garage floor is not that hard to do when you have the proper equipment and a good plan. The first step is to absorb the top layer of oil or grease. It is important to remove any excess in order to properly clean the stain beneath. Simply pour some litter on the spots and work it in with your rubber broom. This is a good sturdy broom that can conform to the uneven concrete, hold up during rigorous use, and be rinsed clean with a hose. It is the best outdoor broom you will ever use. Let the litter sit on the stains for several hours or overnight to ensure that all excess oil has been absorbed. Then come back and scoop up the litter and dispose of it as you would used oil. Sawdust also works well if you don’t have any cat litter. Simply sprinkle it over the stain and leave it overnight. If the stain has been there for some time, then you can also cover it with newspaper to help absorb it. Use a stiff broom to sweep up any powder that is left over.

Once you dispose of the litter and excess oil, it is time to go to work on the stain. For this you will want to use some Quick n Brite. It is an all natural cleaner that is widely used by mechanics for it’s grease fighting ability. It will break apart the oil and grease and float it to the surface of your driveway, making it easy to remove. It is so safe, you can even use it to wash greasy hands and hundreds of other things inside your home.

Before applying the Quick n Brite, use a hose to wet down the entire driveway. If the build-up is especially bad, using hot water will make the cleaner work faster and make your job easier in the process. Take either full strength paste or full strength liquid and apply it to the stain using your rubber broom. The strong bristles will enable you to really work the cleaner into the stained area. Let the Quick nBrite sit for a good 20 to 30 minutes before trying to remove it. This gives the cleaner time to work, so you don’t have to. Now just go back and quickly re-brush and then rinse clean. Depending upon the severity of the stain, you may need to re-aply the cleaner for best results. That’s all there is to it. Your driveway will be left cleaner than ever when you use Quick n Brite. It will work great all over your driveway for cleaning almost any kind of stain.

Is there an even easier way?
Sure there is, if you have a pressure washer. Just add some Quick n Brite to your pressure washer and spray away for the easiest grease removal process ever. These are available for rent at reasonable prices, just check your local yellow pages. When using the pressure washer make sure you wear eye protection and if you add the garden hose to the washer it will keep the pump cool. If you have plants near the area, you should cover them with a tarp to protect them. The pressure from the hose pointed directly at the stain should remove it from the driveway.

Quick n Brite

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  1. Hey guys,

    If you feel that cleaning the driveway yourself is too much work, then I have found the solution.

    A new company called hydro-drive are great at cleaning every type of exterior surface using petrol driven rotary cleaning machines. And they come at very reasonable prices too. They made my driveway look ultra clean after 14 years of the car driving over it. They also do resanding and sealing which is a bonus.

    I think they operate in London mainly but worth ringing them to find out. 0208 411 0101. Also they have a website Happy cleaning!

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