Cleaning Tip – Microfiber & Furniture Oils

Can the microfiber cloths be used with cleaners or furniture oils if desired and then washed?

You can use your favorite cleaners or furniture oils with the microfiber
, but the great thing about microfiber is you don’t have to. With just
water the cloths will remove 98-99% off all dirt, dust, bacteria etc. so
there is no real need for cleaner. You may still have a desire to use oils,
and the only thing to worry about is that over time residue from these and
other common chemical cleaners can build-up and coat the fibers, making the
cloth less effective. To prevent this, wash after use, or you may want to
designate one cloth to use with cleaners and the others with just water.

Bottom Line:
Cleaners that contain bleach will corrode the fibers, and others may coat
and clog them, but for the most part you can use anything you want.
Microfiber Cleaning Supplies