Cleaning Hard To Reach Windows

Trying to wash the windows on your house from the outside? Or maybe you have some windows up high in the inside of your home. Perhaps it is those pesky skylights you have set your sights on. Whichever hard to reach window you are trying to clean, the problem is the same. It is pretty darn difficult to clean any window or other piece of glass when it is way up high or otherwise out of reach. Now you may have gone so far as to get out a ladder, chair, or step stool along with some paper towels, cleaning cloths or sprays of some sort. You may have even given it your best shot before deciding that there must be an easier way. Before you call in the professionals, or resign yourself to looking out of dirty windows for life, continue reading to discover a quick and easy way to wash any window that is way up high.

A microfiber cloth is the best way to clean any piece of glass because they work fast, produce great results, and allow you to do the job without any cleansers or other chemicals. You can even get a specially designed window cloth made for the job that has microfiber on one side, and a synthetic chamois on the other so you can clean and dry using the same cloth. As well as these work for all of the windows and mirrors you can reach, they are just about useless for all of those tall ones. In some cases you could use a ladder or something to boost yourself high enough to use one, but this can be a pain, and in some cases scary or dangerous. Plus you are not even guaranteed to be able to wash every pane.

So wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just stick one of these cloths onto the end of a pole. Then you could get it anywhere right? Well…not so much. You would not have the control necessary, and you would look kind of silly in the process. Another option would be a jet pack of some sort. Then you could just hover there and wipe away, but it turns out that jet exhaust only makes the windows more dirty. Luckily for all of us dirty window havers out there, there is actually a tool, that is designed around the concept of the cloth on a stick. The main difference is that it is far more advanced and easy to use, plus it includes the addition of a squeegee too. It spreads out the microfiber lengthwise, and allows you to apply even pressure across the fabric for quick and effective cleaning. The flexible squeegee allows you to dry windows after they have been cleaned, and will leave them spotless. The whole window washing tool is attached to a telescoping pole so you can reach almost any height, but it can also be removed to quickly wash the ones down low too. Simply hold it in your hand instead.

The microfiber window washer set actually comes with two tools. One small one, and one larger one. The smaller one has a slightly tinier head, and is meant to be held by hand for washing any piece of glass that is within reach. The larger one has a wider head, and attaches to a lightweight, telescoping handle so it can be used to quickly and efficiently clean any window that is hard to reach because it is so high or far away. Both tools feature a high quality squeegee on one side and an advanced microfiber cleaning pad on the other. Simply get the pad damp with plain old water and you are all set to wash any window mirror or skylight. You don’t even need Windex or other sprays in order to leave glass surfaces incredibly clean and without streaks or spotting. This set of tools alone will provide amazing results by only using water and the advanced cleaning pad.

With the longer tool in your hand, you will have an effective reach of more than 15 feet. This is more than long enough to clean pretty much any window on any home without a ladder or stool. It will also allow you to wash skylights in your home, windows on your RV or any other piece of glass that is too far away to reach with your arm. Thanks to durable materials that are also lightweight, you can clean all of your glass surfaces at once without getting tired, and you will have the confidence that you are using a tool that will last. Since they can be detached from the extension pole, you can also use them for surfaces that are close too. A simple push of the button will release the handle and give you a powerful tool without the long reach.


The microfiber pad is totally washable and removable, so once it is dirty, you can machine wash it hundreds of times. To clean any piece of glass, simply wet the pad, and then wring it out until it is only damp. Once dampened, place it on the tool and you are ready to go. Simply glide it across the surface to thoroughly clean with little effort. The microfiber material is able to skim the surface to lift up and lock in any dirt it comes in contact with. The result is a remarkably clean glass in very little time, and with hardly any effort. Once the window is spotless, simply flip the tool over to squeegee it dry and remove every last drop of moisture. This will ensure that your windows will be spot-free and sparkling clean. The whole process is quick and efficient, so you will have clean windows in no time no matter how high or hard to reach they are.

This tool features high quality components so it will work great and last for years. It is easy to use, and despite the long reach it gives you, it remains lightweight and easy to handle. The microfiber cleaning pad works very well and is totally reusable. With just water alone as a detergent, you will be able to remove 99% of all dirt, dust and germs from the surface of your windows. You can certainly add some sort of liquid cleaner if you want to, but regular old water produces pretty amazing results all by itself. This will enable you to have a better view, and make your home look nicer. Once the pad is dirty, simply run it through the washing machine and it will be good as new. Each pad can be washed hundreds of times before replacement is necessary.

Washing windows can be a difficult chore, but getting to those hard to reach ones is something we all need to do from time to time. It can be very expensive to call a professional cleaning company, and doing it yourself can be a real pain if you don’t have the right tools. You will spend way more time and effort if you just try to wing it with what you have on hand, and you will waste way more energy if you force yourself to drag around a ladder just to reach up high. Regular old paper towels, or even a good cloth will make it too hard and too time consuming for most people. If you invest in a better tool that will last for years, you will make the job easy,and ensure that it gets completed when it needs to be done. Our microfiber window washer set is the perfect combination of tools to make washing any window easy, no matter how high it is, or how far out of reach. Forget about stretching, straining, sweating or swearing when it comes to getting your home clean. This great set will make it stress free and simple.

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