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I wish to clean my two leather couches entirely. They have accumulated a light soiling along with a disagreeable odor (probably from body oils). The color is a light tan and is about 5yrs. in age. Your product intrigues me because of it’s ease of use. Never having cleaned “leather” before makes me a little uncomfortable but am willing to try. They measure 94″ and 72″ respectively and are heavily padded. I would prefer to use the liquid Quick and Brite. Please let me know how much to purchase and how to go about this. Thank you in advance.


You should be fine with either version, but the paste will always be better for tougher cleaning jobs. The main thing with leather is to keep it as dry as possible while cleaning it, because water alone can leave staining. This is another reason why the paste might be easier overall. If using the liquid, a single 64 oz container would be more than enough. If you go with the paste, the 30 oz size would be plenty. Regardless of which version you use, the application is very similar. Basically you will want to apply a small amount of the cleaner directly onto the areas you wish to clean. This can be done with a sponge, a cloth, your hand, or something more abrasive like a brush. What you might want to use will vary depending on the exact surface and type of soil.

  • As you apply the cleaner, you will want to sort of work it into the stain.
  • After that just let it sit there for a few minutes to give the Quick’n Brite time to work and break up the staining.
  • After it sits, take a dry terry cloth towel to buff the couch clean. You will see all of the dirt and grime transfer to the towel, and you couch will be left clean and conditioned.
  • You may have to apply the cleaner again to the most dirty areas, but one application should be sufficient for most areas.
  • It is also easier if you do sections of the couch at a time. Do not try to apply cleaner to the whole couch at once because it will make the job harder, and could lead to more problems.

If used correctly Quick’n Brite is extremely effective for cleaning a leather couch. It is safe for all surface types and colors, and for the most part, you don’t have to worry about it ruining any surface you use it on. This all natural cleaner has the unique ability to deep clean your leather couch and condition it at the same time. Not only will you achieve a cleaner surface, but the material will feel nice and soft to the touch when you are finished.

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  1. I have a 100% leather sofa that we do not sit on much how often do I need to use Quick n Brite on it? the other sofa set is not 100% leather and we sit on it daily, how often should I use Quick n Brite on both?

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    • You can use it on either surface as much as needed. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon who, what, and how often, but the product will not dry out, discolor, crack, fade or damage either material in any way. For leather, most people end up spot cleaning, but if your other couch is a fabric, then adding to a steam cleaner for an all-over cleaning might be the way to go.

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  2. I have a leather seat that my grandson poured a cup of apple juice on.
    It has dried overnight. How would your product work?

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    • It should work well, but the absorption of the liquid will make this stain difficult to remove. Follow the instructions provided, and you will easily reduce and then eliminate the spot.

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  3. hi,can you please tell me where I can buy quick and bright and the price,also does it leave a shine regards sharon

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    • The best place to buy Quick n Brite is at It doesn’t leave a residue or film like many other cleaners do, so you shouldn’t really expect a shine, but you should expect a seriously clean surface.

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