Cleaning a Coffee Stain On Your Office Chair


Hi I hope you can help me I need it. I had spilled a bit of coffee on my office chair at home then I used Chemdry which now has created a bigger stain. It looks like I had an “accident” on my chair. The material on my chair is the usual stuff that is on an office chair with foam stuffing. I am afraid to try anything else for fear of totally ruining my chair. Thanks for your help.


Wow. Sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds like it was a pretty crappy experience. Before everyone starts filling out paper work to send you to the nursing home, use the method below to get rid of that brown stain and allow you to get up from your seat without embarrassment.

How To Remove A Stain From Your Office Chair:

Quick n Brite works great for coffee and food stains, and it will definitely work on your fabric coated chair, but a similar technique should also work for other office chairs too. It even cleans leather, so a fancy executive model is also doable. Try it and you won’t be disappointed. It is all natural so you don’t have to worry about it ruining anything you use it on, and it is completely safe to touch with your hands, or breathe with your lungs. No bleaching will occur, there will be no stinky fumes to inhale, and your fabric will not suffer due to application. It comes with directions specific for upholstery, but we will walk you through cleaning this coffee stain below. As with any type of mess, this one is best cleaned when fresh, but this stuff will remove a set in stain too. When cleaned right away, it will just be faster and easier, and for best results, will require a slightly different technique. Essentially, you just apply the cleaner, let it work,  and then buff out the stain with a terry cloth towel. It will be phenomenal on this job, but it works for hundreds of other cleaning tasks too, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee so there is no risk. Try it for a guaranteed way to make all of the new brown staining disappear, and keep it around to save time, money and effort on other stuff too.

Instructions For Use:

When cleaning coffee that you just spilled onto your chair, it will make the job way easier if you soak up anything you can before you try to clean the stain. For older messes, this will not be possible. It is not required, but doing so will cut down on effort and time, and should make it easier to end up with a perfect result.

  • Prepare for cleaning a fresh stain by using a super shammy. This powerful cloth will suck up liquid all the way down through the cushion. Not only will this lessen the staining, it will also pull out coffee that would have otherwise stayed down there to stink and grow funky.
  • Lay your shammy over the brown spot and then press down to absorb liquid. Keep pressing all over until you saturate the cloth. If the spot is large, a dry shammy will work, but for small spots, you should get it damp to help with absorption.
  • As an option, you can flush the area with warm water by pouring or spraying. Once soaked, use the shammy to pull out the liquid. This rinses the area to eliminate more java. You can also utilize this step to make dry, set in stains easier to lift out.
  • Once flushed, apply your cleaner. Full strength will be fool-proof, but in many cases a heavy solution will work just fine. To mix up a spray bottle use  3 tbs into a quart of warm water and shake to blend thoroughly.
  • Use a damp cloth to apply a liberal amount of Quick n Brite paste or use a spray bottle to squirt your heavy solution all over the stain.
  • Use your fingernail, a toothbrush, cleaning brush, or a scrub sponge to work the cleaner into the stain. You will not really scrub so much as you will ensure total coverage, and allow the cleaner to penetrate down to the chair material.
  • Once it is on there, just let it sit for about 10 minutes. This will give it time to work for you, and prevent any need for scrubbing. It will break down the organic material, release the strong bond it has with the material, and then float it off the surface to make it easy to remove. This step is pretty crucial to success, and depending upon severity, you may want to leave it on there longer. The longer it sits, the more time it has to work, and you can’t really leave it on too long.
  • After it sets, come back with a terry cloth towel and buff the stain out. You will see all of the brown color lift up off your chair, and transfer to the towel. There is nothing magic about this cleaner, it just makes it easy to separate and remove the stain so that it no longer remains on your chair to make you look like you pooped your pants.
  • After cleaning, you may want to dry the area with your shammy to finish. If any color remains, it means that you had a big mess to start with , it was an older stain, or you used another cleaner that made it extra stubborn. If this is the case, a second application should eliminate the remaining color.

This technique works for any office chair, but will also work on clothing, couches and other surfaces too. If you spilled your mug all over the rug we have a specific tip for cleaning it off your carpet.  That dark brown stain looks pretty awful at first, but it is easier than you might think to get out if you use the right cleaner.  If the stain is on your clothing use the Quick n Brite as a pre-treater. Just apply it and then let the garment sit over night before washing clean. For a really bad stain, or one that has been washed in, soak overnight in a solution of Quick n Brite and water, and then send it through the wash. Just fill a bucket or sink with hot water and some Q&B and toss in your shirt or other piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter what you have tried to use on it in the past or how old the coffee stain is. Quick n Brite will remove it with ease.

It is an all-natural cleaner that efficiently breaks apart organic stains and build-up so it is easy for you to remove. There are no chemicals or toxins in this cleaner, so when you use it there is nothing to worry about. Other options will often be useless, and in other cases they will just spread the stain to make it larger. In certain situations a cleaner might even lock the stain in to make it more difficult to remove. This one is safer and more effective, and for a job like this, it is guaranteed to work. Safe for children, pets and those with sensitive skin or allergies Quick n Brite is almost too good to be true. But with a money back guarantee from the factory, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee from us, you have nothing to lose. Get it for your coffee stain and end up using it for the 100’s of other jobs it is good for.

Got your own cleaning question? Ask us for a simply good solution.

Quick N Brite

Super Shammy



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