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microfiber clothFingerprints, smudges, dirt, food, and other yucky stuff all ends up on our walls over time. They can get really nasty, and if you haven’t cleaned yours in a while, you can guarantee that you will notice a difference. Sometimes it is next to where you put your shoes on, or in the kids play room, but everyone has a place in their home that is prone to this type of mess. It is one of those jobs though that can be hard to clean, and the proper tool is not really clear. Most traditional sprays and wipes will also remove the paint from your walls, or nothing at all. It seems like if it works, it works too well, and if not, it is completely useless. Traditional methods will leave you skipping the job or ending up with mediocre results.

Our walls are always visible, so it can really make a real impact if you have nice clean walls, free of dirt and grime. The whole room starts to look better right away, and it will seem brighter and less cluttered just by wiping the walls clean of this build-up.

Safe + Effective x Easy = Good

So what is the easier way to clean walls of this dirt? A multipurpose microfiber cloth.  This is not only an effective tool, but it also allows you to clean without chemicals. It is the green way to clean those nasty smudges and marks quickly and easily. No sprays or chemicals are needed, just a high quality cloth and ordinary tap water. You will be able to wipe your walls clean in minutes, with very little effort. This unique cloth practically does the job for you as it skims the surface of your walls, lifting off dirt, and locking it in the fibers. Fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and more will be removed with ease. Once your walls are clean, you can continue on, using the same cloth to clean and polish furniture, dust shelves, clean windows and mirrors and more. Each surface will be left extremely clean, streak free and polished.

Where To Use One:

Any type of wall is safe with one of these. It can be stained, painted, plastered, wall papered or anything else. You can wipe down regular walls made from drywall in your home, tiled walls in your bathroom, walls with metal accents in your kitchen, even get wood trim, wood doors, metal appliances, mirrors and other similar surfaces nearby as you work. You can use them on any material to quickly wipe away dust, dirt, grease, oil, smudges and other grime with a single pass. They do a better job that most sprays combined with paper towels, and they cost a whole lot less too. You also will spend less time doing the work, but you will also have better looking walls in the process.

How To Use One:

This technique is great for dingy build up and everyday grime. If you have some really dirty walls, marks from pens and pencils, or unusually stubborn build up, then continue to the more hard core method that follows. To make gray walls white again, or to remove dirty hand prints left by your children, simply use the east steps directly below.

  • Quality is important. All microfiber is not created equal, and the cheap stuff does not clean as well as higher quality material does. Our cloths are feature superior material at a super low price and we guarantee performance.
  • To prepare, simply get the cloth wet under warm water, and then wring it out until it is just damp.
  • Fold the large cloth into quarters to provide a plush cleaning pad, but also to create hidden layers of clean surface that you can switch to as you clean.
  • To clean, wipe the dirty surface to remove dirt and thoroughly wash.
  • You can rinse dirt out, or re-fold your cloth as you work to replenish the cloth.
  • When wiping, use one continuous motion in the same direction. Work from top to bottom and side to side, or from the outside in to ensure total coverage. A single pass with these powerful cloths should remove most common grime.
  • Once you are all done, just throw it in the wash to be laundered. These great cloths can be washed hundreds of times before they need to be replaced, so it is also a very economical solution to your dirt as well.

Remove Stubborn Dirt And Tough Stains

If you have extra dirty walls, or some crusty, gooey or stainy stuff that a regular cloth won’t take off, all you need to do is give it a little help. With this technique, you will be able to remove the regular stuff like dirt and fingerprints from your walls, but you will also be able to take of pencil, ball point pen, colorful food, crayon and all kinds of other stuff too. It is still safe for any surface, and you will not run any risk of damage, but you will pretty much guarantee to have clean walls when you finish.

  • Depending upon the type of stain on your wall, you will want to use a heavy solution Quick N Brite spray or the cleaner full strength. For most heavy applications, a little bit of heavy solution spray will do the trick. For really stubborn stuff like pen ink, applying the paste directly will probably work the best.
  • Completely cover the stained area with Quick n Brite and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • If applying paste. scratch or use non abrasive sponge to work in and loosen stain.
  • Get your microfiber cloth damp with warm water, and wring out.
  • To clean, wipe completely and apply more pressure over the worst areas. Light scrubbing with a sponge may help to loosen anything that is extra stuck. Scrubbing is only needed in rare cases as letting the cleaner sit usually does that work for you.
  • If any color or dirt still remains, reapply the quick n brite, let sit a little bit longer and then wipe with a freshly rinsed and dampened cloth.

At, we carry the highest quality microfiber products available. This means that they will clean better, and last longer than similar products on the market. When no microfiber can cut it alone, we also carry a safe and superior solution to give it a little help without introducing harsh chemicals or risking any surface in your home. Quickly get your walls clean and remove any type of dirt with one of these techniques.

For more in depth look at cleaning crayon off your walls use the link to read more. If you have a specific type of wall, or a specific type of dirt not covered here, leave your question below and we would be happy to help. If you now have white walls instead of brown ones, and you want to let everyone know how easy it was, make it public by using the comments box below.

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